Thursday, September 30, 2021

JOEY SAVES THE DAY! REVIEW from Jami Lee Mumford

This made my day!! 

I was tickled to find out that Jami Momford's granddaughter enjoyed my book JOEY SAVES THE DAY! AT DAYCARE!! Her granddaughter took the book to school and her classmates and teacher loved the book too!! And they can't wait for my next book!! I'm so thrilled. 

Jami Lee Mumford is one of the authors of Beyond the Veil. You can find her books on Amazon.

"Beyond the veil, spirit speaks while we sleep, is a collection of encouraging visitation dreams from people of all walks of life. Everyone has lost someone that they love and you all long to see them again. In this book you will see that spirit is eager to communicate with you, often times giving words of encouragement, hope and unconditional love. Our loved ones are always with us, they are only beyond the veil."

Here is another great book by the author Jami Lee Mumford:

This book is a MUST read!! It will keep you hooked from beginning to end! It is a story of connecting to the other side, love, sadness, and everything in between! Even through the tears I couldn’t stop reading it! If you want to take a walk into the spirit world then this is the book you are looking for!! Well done!! 

You can get the book on Amazon: Walking WITH SPIRITS

You can get both of my books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, and Walmart. 


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