Monday, August 2, 2021

Ways to be kind

 💙Always be kind💚

Joey loves to be kind and he loves to help others. When you are kind to others it makes you feel good inside. Kindness is a good trait to have. Teach your children how to be kind to others. Kindness is defined as the quality of being considerate, friendly, and or generous. Practice kindness daily with your children.

Ways to practice kindness with your children:

Make a family kindness jar and fill it with notes of kind words or acts of kindness you have done. Read the notes with your child/ren every few months or wait until New Years Day.

Visit with the elderly at a nursing home. Read books to them or sing songs together.

Teach your child to write a kind note to a friend or family member.

Play board games with family and or friends. Teach them to have fun by being kind!

Join a charitable cause like a family walk or run and donate money to a good cause. Discuss with your child/ren why you are donating to the cause and who it will help. 

Read books about kindness and friendship with your children.

Talk to your child about kindness and how to be kind.

There are many ways to be kind. These are just a few ways to practice kindness. Kindness makes the world go around and this world needs a lot more kindness these days.

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