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Facts about Sea Bunnies

Sea Bunny Facts

Have you ever heard about Sea Bunnies before? A Sea Bunny is actually a sea slug/snail. They are very tiny and range in color from white to brown, yellow, and sometimes green. These cute and tiny creatures were discovered by Kikutaro Baba. Kikutaro Baba was a Japanese malacologist. Malacology is the study of Mollusca. Sea Bunnies live in the Indian Ocean and the central Pacific Ocean. However, Sea Bunnies are most commonly found off the coast of Japan. If you want to know more about Sea Bunnies, just keep reading.


What is your favorite type of sea creature?


With your parent/caretaker’s permission, you can click on the link below to see some pictures of Sea Bunnies: CLICK HERE.


Quick facts about Sea Bunnies:

1. The Sea Bunny's scientific name is Jorunna Parva.

2. Sea Bunnies do not have eyes, so they can’t see. Instead, they use the two little things on them that look like cute little bunny ears, which are actually rhinophores, to find their way around the ocean. The rhinophores on the Sea Bunnies are like tentacles that help them find their way around. The rhinophores also help them find food to eat.

3. Although the Sea Bunny looks furry like a real bunny, their fur is caryophyllidia. Caryophyllidia is what gives the Sea Bunny its furry-speckled appearance.  To read more about caryophyllidia, CLICK HERE

4. Sea Bunnies can grow up to an inch long, but most are less than an inch long.

5. Sea Bunnies have a life span of up to one year.

6. The Sea Bunny's main diet consists of sea sponges. They sometimes eat algae and seagrass. 

7. These cute little Sea Bunnies are highly toxic, especially to the ocean predators that try to eat them.

8. The Sea Bunny has gills on its backside that look like bunny tails. It uses these gills to breathe.

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Facts about Sea Bunnies

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Sea Bunny worksheet

Sea bunnies worksheet

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Books about Sea Bunnies:

1. The Mysterious Sea Bunny by Peter Raymundo

2. Sea Bunnies: Jumbo Coloring Book by Michele Collins

3. Science Behind the Colors Sea Slugs by Alicia Z. Klepeis

4. Sea Bunnies by Kelly Hargrave

Parents/caretakers, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



Short story alert:

Once upon a time, a cute little fluffy Sea Bunny roamed slowly across the ocean floor in search of food. Her Sea Bunny friends called her Fluffy. She was fluffy, white with black speckles all over her fur, making her a beautiful Sea Bunny. Since she didn't have eyes, she used the rhinophores on her head to find her way around. These rhinophores looked like cute little bunny ears. Additionally, her body was covered in caryophyllidia, which helped her sense her way around. Fluffy's favorite food was sea sponges, and she loved to eat them. After having her fill, she would rest until she was hungry again and resume searching for more sea sponges. The end.

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