Printables and Coloring sheets

Welcome parents, caretakers, and teachers! 

These are free printables for kids and coloring worksheets for you to print out!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them for you!! Just click on the link under the picture you would like to print. You can find a great source of free worksheets for kids here such as holiday, states, animals, math, alphabet, and various other worksheets here! Feel free to explore them. 

If you are a homeschooling mom like me, these worksheets for kids will be useful.

A is for Apple worksheet    

B is for banana worksheet


D is for daisy worksheet

E is for egg worksheet

F is for Five worksheet

G is for Gift worksheet

H is for Horse worksheet

I is for ice-cream worksheet

J is for Jelly worksheet

K is for Kite worksheet

L is for Love worksheet

L is for Leaf worksheet

M is for Moon worksheet

N is for Nene worksheet

O is for Owl worksheet

P is for Pencil worksheet

Q is for Quarter worksheet

R is for Rainbow worksheet

S is for Starfish worksheet

T is for Taco worksheet

U is for Umbrella worksheet

V is for Violin worksheet

W is for watch worksheet

X is for X-ray worksheet

Y is for Yurt worksheet

Z is for Zebra worksheet

Alabama worksheet 1

Alabama worksheet 2

Alaska worksheet 1

Alaska worksheet 2

Arizona worksheet 1

Arizona worksheet 2

Arkansas worksheet 1

Arkansas worksheet 2

California worksheet 1

California worksheet 2

Colorado worksheet 1

Colorado worksheet 2

Connecticut worksheet 1

Connecticut worksheet 2

Delaware worksheet 1

Delaware worksheet 2

Florida worksheet 1

Florida worksheet 2

Georgia worksheet 1

Georgia worksheet 2

Hawaii worksheet 1

Hawaii worksheet 2

Idaho worksheet 1

Idaho worksheet 2

Illinois worksheet 1

Illinois worksheet 2

Indiana worksheet 1

Indiana worksheet 2

Iowa worksheet 1

Iowa worksheet 2

Kansas worksheet 1

Kansas worksheet 2

Kentucky worksheet 1

Kentucky worksheet 2

Louisiana worksheet 1

Louisiana worksheet 2

Maine worksheet 1

Maine worksheet 2

Maryland worksheet 1

Maryland worksheet 2

Massachusetts Worksheet 1

Massachusetts worksheet 2

Michigan worksheet 1

Michigan worksheet 2

Minnesota worksheet 1

Minnesota worksheet 2

Mississippi worksheet 1

Mississippi worksheet 2

Missouri worksheet 1

Missouri worksheet 2

Montana worksheet 1

Montana worksheet 2

Nebraska worksheet 1

Nebraska worksheet 2

Nevada worksheet 1

Nevada worksheet 2

New Hampshire worksheet 1

New Hampshire worksheet 2

New Jersey worksheet 1

New Jersey worksheet 2

New Mexico worksheet 1

New Mexico worksheet 2

New York worksheet 1

New York worksheet 2

North Carolina worksheet 1

North Carolina worksheet 2

North Dakota worksheet 1

North Dakota worksheet 2

Ohio worksheet 1

Ohio worksheet 2

Oklahoma worksheet 1

Oklahoma worksheet 2

Oregon worksheet 1

Oregon worksheet 2

Pennsylvania worksheet 1

Pennsylvania worksheet 2

Rhode Island worksheet 1

Rhode Island worksheet 2

South Carolina worksheet 1

South Carolina worksheet 2

South Dakota worksheet 1

South Dakota worksheet 2

Tennessee worksheet 1

Tennessee worksheet 2

Texas worksheet 1

Texas worksheet 2

Utah worksheet 1

Utah worksheet 2

Apple addition worksheet

Leaf counting coloring worksheet

Count and Decorate the Snowmen/Circles

Halloween Coloring Sheet

Candy corn counting worksheet

Thanksgiving turkey Coloring Sheet

Christmas Coloring Sheet

Decorate a Christmas Tree coloring sheet

Decorate a Snowman/Circles worksheet

Snowman worksheet

Christmas tree worksheet

Turtle coloring sheet

Parrot coloring sheet

Butterfly coloring sheet

Taco coloring sheet

Eagle coloring sheet

Glass frog coloring sheet

Umbrella coloring sheet

Valentine's Day hearts coloring sheet

Shamrock coloring sheet

Shark coloring sheet

Fishing coloring sheet

Watch coloring sheet

Zebra coloring sheet

Flying lizard coloring sheet

Ants coloring sheet

Easter eggs coloring sheet

Easter bunny coloring sheet

Squirrel coloring sheet

Cats coloring sheet

Llama coloring sheet

Bumblebee Bat Coloring sheet

Cuckoo Bird worksheet

Cuckoo Bird worksheet 2

ducks worksheet

4th of July ABC worksheet

4th of July Flag coloring sheet

Bumblebee coloring sheet

Man Faced Stink bug Coloring sheet

Grackles alphabet worksheet

Grackles coloring sheet

ABC Flashcards

Best if printed on card stock paper.

Memory Card Matching Game

Best if printed on card stock paper. 

Shoebill coloring sheet

Japanese dwarf flying squirrel coloring sheet

Ili pika coloring sheet

Philippine eagle worksheet

Dolphin coloring worksheet

Moth ABC worksheet

Picasso moth coloring sheet

Rainbow Lorikeet coloring sheet

Rondo Dwarf galago coloring sheet

Rainbow Alphabetical order Worksheet

Goat alphabetical order worksheet

Northern flicker worksheet

Ladybug coloring sheet

Dragonfly worksheet

Japanese spider crab worksheet

Sea Bunny worksheet

Large duck orchid

Aardwolf worksheet

Blue Morpho worksheet

Devon Rex worksheet

Turtle coloring/worksheet

Iguana worksheet

Chameleon worksheet

Valais Blacknose Sheep worksheet

Chinese water deer worksheet

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X worksheet

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Delilah's Mommy dropped her off at daycare and she doesn't want to stay. Joey sees that Delilah is sad, so he helps her feel better by doing silly things to make her laugh. They have so much fun the day is over in a flash!


Joey helps his Memaw find her eyeglasses, which are right there in plain sight. Some of us have done this before! Join Joey in this funny and cute quest to find his Memaw's eyeglasses.


Joey helps his sister find her missing teddy bear. They look everywhere. I bet you can't guess where Joey and Jinger find the missing teddy bear?


Joey 's father gets lost while they are visiting the seven continents at the zoo. Come on this adorable adventure with Joey and his family as they explore each of the seven continents at the zoo!

Santa's Rainbow Reindeer

Move over Rudolph, Santa has a new team of deer to pull his sleigh this year. Join Harry and Holly Jingles as they introduce us to Santa's Rainbow Reindeer. Learn about them one by one. The Rainbow Reindeer help your children get ready for bed so Santa can bring them gifts when they are all tucked in their bed and sound asleep. 

Where, Oh, Where, Could My Dinosaur Be?

A little boy misplaces his stuffed dinosaur and needs your help to find it. Join the little boy on his hunt through his house to find his missing dinosaur. This book will stimulate your child's imagination. It will help teach them left and right learning and basic rhyming.

Thank you for all of your love and support!! It means the world to me and my family.


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