Wednesday, July 21

Meet Mimi Jones and Mell Mell

 Author and Illustrator❣

Welcome! Meet the author and illustrator of "Joey Saves the Day! At Daycare."


Mimi, a gifted writer known for her work "Joey Saves the Day! at Daycare," is a loving mother of four and a doting grandmother. She and her husband, a talented guitar player, live on the picturesque East Coast with their two youngest children. Mimi's love for crafting children's books and poetry shines through her work, and she dreams of creating a captivating series of "Joey Saves the Day!" books in the near future.

Four books are now in the series.

Mell Mell

Now, let's meet Mell Mell, the talented illustrator of "JOEY SAVES THE DAY! AT DAYCARE." Mell, a dedicated homeschooled student, is always engrossed in her art. When she's not busy drawing, writing, or homeschooling, you'll find her immersed in her favorite books, drawing inspiration for her next masterpiece.

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