Thursday, August 26

A is for Air

Air Facts 

Each week on Thankful Thursday, we will work with a new letter from the alphabet. This week, we will share something we are thankful for that starts with the letter Aa.

It feels great to be grateful! And what an excellent way to start your day by practicing gratitudeComment with something you are thankful for that begins with the letter Aa.

Joey is grateful for Air. I'm thankful for ALL of you!!

Here is a list of words that start with the letter a:
  • airplane
  • arrow
  • automobile 
  • architect
  • alien
  • amazing
  • automatic
  • aroma
  • artist
  • also

Can you put the words in alphabetical order?

Facts about air:

Air is a mixture of gases: 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with some traces of argon, carbon dioxide, neon, and hydrogen.
In addition to gases, air contains tiny particles called aerosols, such as dust, pollen, soot, and smoke, which contribute greatly to air pollution.
Essential for Life: 
Air is needed and vital for respiration, a process where living things take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, providing us with energy to eat, grow, and live.
Carbon Dioxide: 
This gas is crucial for photosynthesis, where plants make food and oxygen, but high levels from burning fossil fuels contribute to global warming.
Relative humidity measures the amount of water air can hold before it rains, with 100% humidity indicating rain is imminent.
Air Pressure: 
The weight of air creates atmospheric pressure, which is higher at sea level and lower at high altitudes. This pressure affects our ears during elevation changes.
Protective Layer: 
Earth’s atmosphere, which is filled with air, acts as insulation to maintain temperature and contains ozone, which shields us from too much sunlight.
Meteoroid Shield: 
The air in our atmosphere protects us by causing meteoroids to burn up before reaching the Earth’s surface.
Microbial Life: 
The air hosts bioaerosols, tiny microbial organisms that can travel long distances through wind, rain, or sneeze.
Air Quality Index (AQI): 
AQI measures air pollution levels, with values over 300 representing hazardous conditions.

Next week, we will be grateful for things that start with the letter B.

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