Thursday, August 5

Things to be thankful for

 What are you Thankful for?

Being thankful means showing gratitude for something. You can be grateful for many things.

Some things to be thankful for are:

Your Parents
Your family and friends
A house you live in
Food you eat
Your health
Watching T.V.

Anything you appreciate or have enjoyed, you should show thankfulness for.

Joey says he is thankful for teddy bears and good books!!

Remember to say thank you when someone does something nice for you, like holding a door open for you. If someone gives you flowers, say Thank you! If someone cooks you a meal, say Thank You! If someone picks up your toys, say thank you! If someone folds your clothes and puts them away, say thank you!

Being Thankful is a good character trait to have!! Always have a kind, thankful heart.


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