Sunday, August 15

Review of my book JOEY SAVES THE DAY!


I am so thrilled that my beautiful niece Delilah, who just happens to be a character in my new book, LOVES IT!! That makes my heart so happy!

The following words are from a post-Delilah's Mommy wrote on Facebook......

A review from Destiny Katelynn:

"Safe to say “Joey Saves the Day at daycare” is Delilah’s new favorite book. She has already gotten her daddy to read it to her so many times. She is so happy to be one of the characters!!
This is a perfect book for little kids and a great read.
Lilah pointed to one of the pictures and said, “look mommy, she’s sad” and I asked her why? She tells me “Because she wants mommy”.
My aunt is the author of this book, and my 14-year-old cousin is the illustrator! I love how everything turned out. Make sure to get your copy now!"


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