Tuesday, August 31

Magic is in the air


Happy Think About It Tuesday!! Joey wants to know if you could choose any pet, what would you pick? And what would your pet look like? Would it have magical powers? Could it fly way up high in the clouds? Would it take you on a magical ride on a rainbow? Would you be able to walk in the clouds? Wouldn't it be nice if the clouds were all the colors of the rainbow? 

Joey says he would love to have a pet Giraffe with a unicorn horn, and it would be green with blue dots! He would name it Radical Raffie the long neck Giraffie!! Just imagine Joey and all his friends flying with Raffie up in the clouds on a nice sunny day! 

Oh, the things your mind can dream up!! It's great to get your mind thinking! You can think up all kinds of stuff! Your mind is significant when you feed it with good thoughts and magical wishes.



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I'm Mimi, the author of the JOEY SAVES THE DAY! book series. I love reading, writing, teaching, and learning. 

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