Tuesday, September 21

Multiplication Math Trick

Math Trick

I just wanted to share this super easy math trick with you guys. I did not learn this when I went to school, but I wish I had of. I learned it while teaching my children math in homeschool. It makes learning the 9 times table really simple.

On a piece of paper, you write the numbers side by side; in the tens place you start at 0 and count up to 9 and in the ones place you start at 9 and countdown to 0. That way all your answers are right there in front of you. It is that easy to do your 9 times tables. I wish I had this during school. The 9 times table were the hardest to learn for me. Also, my son struggles with Dyslexia and this little math trick comes in handy for teaching him.

There are many cool tricks that make math easier to learn. Please SHARE a cool math trick that you have learned with us?

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