Monday, October 4

Facts about Currency Money Cash

Money Facts

Did you know that the first paper money(currency) was made in China over a 1000 years ago? Some people believe that the first coin was invented by Lydians around 600 B.C. There are over 175 different currencies used around the world today.

Facts about money(currency):

1. The most commonly used currency in the world is the U.S. Dollar.

2. Credit Cards are a form of currency and were first used about 1950.

3. The British pound is the oldest currency still in use today.

4. There are four main types of money commodity, fiat, fiduciary, and commercial.

5. Ancient Romans used salt as a form of money.

6. The word salary comes from the root sal which means salt in Latin.

Here is a list of some of today’s currencies from around the world:

1. Australian(AUD)

2. British Pound(GBP)

3. Canadian Dollar(CAD)

4. European Euro(EUR)

5. Japanese Yen(JPY)

6. New Zealand Dollar(NZD)

7. South African Rand(ZAR)

8. U.S. Dollar(USD)

Do you know what Numismatics means?



  1. That's pretty cool i didn't know that about money


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