Thursday, November 18

Facts About Leaves

Leaf Facts

We are on the letter Ll of the gratitude alphabet! L is for leaf.

What are you thankful that begins with the letter L?

I am thankful for the leaves. I love it when all the leaves turn to beautiful fall colors and fall to the ground. Leaves provide food and air to assist a plant in staying healthy. Did you know that it is not good to rake leaves up? You should mulch them up and just let them rot into the ground. It is healthy for the soil and the environment. Leaves also help make the oxygen that we breathe. Leaves are significant to us and our environment.

Do you love to jump into big piles of leaves? 

Facts about leaves:

1. Leaves are the most essential part of the plant. Their primary function is to provide food for the plant, which is done by photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight, carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, and water to make food.

2. Trees are a plant, and they have many leaves.

3. Leaves make excellent fertilizer for your gardens.

4. Leaves are also referred to as foliage.

5. Leaves on trees also provide shade on hot days.

6. Deciduous trees lose their leaves every autumn, and the leaves grow back in the spring. In autumn, the leaves are beautiful in yellow, gold, orange, and red. Then the leaves turn brown and fall off the tree.


Can you share a fact about leaves with us?


Books about leaves:

1. Trees, Leaves, Flowers and Seeds: by DK

2. Trees, Leaves & Bark by Diane Burns

3. Leaves by David Stein

4. Look What I Did with a Leaf! by Morteza Sohi

5. Summer Green to Autumn Gold: by Mia Posada

6. My Leaf Collection: Activity Book by Nature Discovery

Parents ensure books are child-friendly before reading them to their/children.


Get your printable leaf coloring/worksheet here:

L is for the Leaf worksheet


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