Monday, November 8

Lions, Books, and Movies Oh My!!

Happy MOVIE Monday!!! 

May your day be MARVELOUS!! Kick back and enjoy a movie with your family today/tonight!!

Joey and Jinger love The Lion King movie. It is one of their favorite animated movies.

What is your favorite movie?

Joey would like to tell you a little about Lions! Did you know that female lions do almost all of the hunting? Yep, they take care of their pride. A pride is a group of lions. A pride can consist of up to four adult male lions, several adult female lions, and their cubs. The lionesses hunt for food and they bring it back to their pride and the male lions eat first. Sometimes the male lion lets the cubs join in and eat with them. The female lions eat last.


Facts about lions:

1. Lions have superb hunting skills.

2. Lions communicate to each other by using sounds like roars, growls, and grunts.

3. Lions don’t need to drink every day, but they must eat every day. Adult female lions eat around 10 or more pounds of meat a day. Adult male lions eat about 16 pounds or more meat a day. Lion cubs eat milk from their moms until they are around 3 months old.

4. Lions are the second largest cats on earth.

5. Lions can climb trees if they have to!

6. Lions originated from Eastern and Southern Africa.

7. A baby lion is called a cub, whelp, or lionet. A female lion is called a lioness and a male lion is called a lion and there is one male lion who is the pride lion and he is the king of the pride.

8. Wild lions can live up to 15 years and lions that are in captivity can live up to 25 years.

9. A lion can run as fast as 50 mph! That is fast, but they can only run that fast for short periods of time. They can leap as high as 36 feet.


Can you share a fact about Lions with us?

Books and Movies about lions:

1. The Great Book About Lions for Kids by G. Guarita

2. The Lion's Share by Matthew McElligott

3. Little Lion Rescue by Rachel Delahaye

4. African Lions by Joelle Riley

5. Disney’s The Lion King movie

6. Mia and the White Lion

7. Madagascar

8. Lion of Oz

Parents please make sure all books and movies are child friendly before reading or watching them to/with your child/children.


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