Monday, November 22

Facts about mice

Mice Facts

Today is a great day to learn! Learning is good for the brain; you are never too old to learn new things! Keep your brain healthy and learn something new every day!

Today, I'm going to tell you a little about mice. Some people have mice as pets. Mice are fascinating little creatures but can also be pesky little critters. Winter is approaching fast, and mice try to find warm places to live. Mice can squeeze through tiny holes or other openings in your home by flattening out their bodies. Mice have a collapsible ribcage, which makes their ribs flex much more than any other mammal, and that is how they can fit through tiny holes and other small openings.

Mice are adorable, but I don’t like sharing a home with them!! Do you like mice?


Facts about mice:

1. Mice have poor eyesight, but once they learn to maneuver through an area, they never forget it.

2. Mice have excellent hearing and a perfect sense of smell.

3. Mice communicate by squeaking, chirping, and singing to other mice. They also use their noses, ears, and bodies to communicate.

4. Mice are excellent climbers who jump up to 12 inches or more!

5. Mice are nocturnal critters. They do not like bright lights.

6. Mice are omnivores. They eat plants and other animals.

7. Mice love to chew and gnaw on stuff because their teeth never stop growing. To prevent their teeth from growing too long, they grind their teeth on tough foods and chew and gnaw on other stuff.

8. Mice have good memories. They can remember their way in and out of homes and their family.


Can you share a fact about mice with us?


Books about mice:

1. Pet Mice - Your Pet Mouse Happy Care Guide by Ben Little

2. The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse by Miriam Norton

3. The Mouse in the House by Dori Bush

4. National Geographic Readers: Squeak! by Rose Davidson

Parents make sure books are child-friendly before reading them to their/children.



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