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Facts about the Immortal Jellyfish

Immortal Jellyfish Facts

Let me tell you about the Immortal Jellyfish! When damaged, they can reset to an earlier stage in their life cycle. They may be able to live forever! Isn't that cool?

Some Jellyfish are toxic to humans, so never touch or go near a jellyfish.


Facts about the Immortal Jellyfish:

1. Scientific name: Turritopsis dohrnii

2. They are carnivores. Carnivores only eat meat.

3. They prefer warmer waters, but they live in oceans worldwide.

4. The Immortal Jellyfish can sting you, so never touch any jellyfish.

5. They do not have a brain.

6. They are bell-shaped. Their large stomachs are bright red.

7. The Immortal Jellyfish uses its tentacles to move slowly through the ocean.

8. A baby Immortal Jellyfish is called a planula.

Do you know any cool facts about the Immortal Jellyfish that you can share with us?


A list of books about Jellyfish:

1. Amazing Animals: Jellyfish by Valerie Bodden

2. June The Jellyfish by Devin Artym

3. Facts About the Jellyfish by Lisa Strattin

4. Jellies: The Life of Jellyfish by Twig George

Parents, please be sure all books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



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