Wednesday, November 10

Facts about Wolves

Wolf Facts

Let me share a little information about wolves with you! Did you know that wolves are the most prominent members of the dog family? Wolves vary in size depending on the type of wolf. Their height from nose-to-tail can be up to 6 feet long. They can weigh as much as 170 pounds. There are about 37 different types of wolves. Gray wolves are the largest of the wolves.


Facts about wolves:

1. Wolves communicate with other wolves by using their eyes, ears, tails, and facial expressions. They also bark, growl, howl, and whimper.

2. Adult wolves have 42 teeth.

3. Wolves behave like families in a group called pacts. The pact usually consists of one female adult wolf and one male adult wolf and their offspring of different ages.

4. The family/pact of wolves live in a den when the pups are born. Baby wolves are called pups. The pups weigh about 1 pound at birth. Wolf pups are usually born in the spring. All family members of the pact help care for the pups.

5. The Arabian gray wolf is the most minor type of all the different types of wolves.

6. Wolves can run, on average, about 38 miles per hour for short bursts.

7. Wolves' paws are large and have a small layer of webbing between their toes, which means they can swim quite well and walk on snow without sinking. Wolves have four toes on their back feet and five on their front feet. The fifth toe on the front foot is known as the dewclaw; not all wolves have dewclaws.

8. Wolves are carnivores, which means they eat mostly meat. They will eat vegetables but only rarely.

What is your favorite kind of wolf or dog?


Books and movies about wolves:

1. Wolves Of North America by Speedy Publishing LLC

2. Watch Wolf by Kathryn Lasky

3. Wolves by Gail Gibbons

4. Den of Wolves by Jordan Quinn

5. The Legend of Wolf Mountain (DVD)

6. Peter and the Wolf (DVD)

7. Balto (DVD)

8. Alpha & Omega (DVD)

Parents, please make sure books and movies are child-friendly before reading or watching them with your child/children.



I hope you enjoyed learning about wolves.

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