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Facts about flying lizards

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Oh my!! Flying lizards!! These flying lizards look like tiny dragons!! How cool is that? Have you ever heard about flying lizards before? A Draco is a flying lizard. The Draco are also known as flying dragons or gliding lizards. They come from the Agamidae family of lizards. There are over 32 species of flying lizards. They have wing-like structures. The wings help them glide. Flying lizards can fly, but it is more of a gliding flight. They can glide up to 180 feet in one leap. That is a pretty good distance for a lizard.


Do you have a favorite type of lizard?


Facts about flying lizards:

1. Flying lizards are reptiles. They are cold-blooded and live where it is warm.

2. Here is a list of some of the Draco flying lizards in alphabetical order:

  • Common flying dragon
  • Common Gliding Lizard
  • Draco blanfordii
  • Draco dussumieri
  • Draco fimbriatus
  • Draco formosus
  • Draco haematopogon
  • Draco maculatus
  • Draco maximus
  • Draco melanopogon
  • Draco mindanensis
  • Draco obscurus

With your caretaker/parent’s permission, google the different types of flying lizards and look at pictures of them.

3. Flying lizards live mostly in thick wooded areas in the Philippine islands, tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia, and southern India.

4. All of the species of flying lizards are insectivores! They only eat insects. Most of them eat ants, termites, and other small insects.

5. Flying lizards can lay up to 5 (five) eggs at a time. The female flying lizard digs a hole with its snout/nose, lays its eggs in the hole, and covers it up with dirt. The eggs are left on their own.

6. Draco flying lizards can grow to around 8 inches long. Some may be smaller, and some may be bigger.


Can you share a fact about flying lizards with us?


Get your free printable flying lizard coloring sheet here:

Flying lizard coloring sheet



Books about lizards and flying lizards:

1. Lizards of the World: by Mark O'Shea

2. Flying Dragons by Wil Mara

3. Flying Lizards Big as Planes by Ruth Owen

4. National Geographic Readers: Lizards by Laura Marsh

Parents/caretakers, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



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