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Facts about Candy Land

Candy Land Facts

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I would like to tell you all about the game called Candyland (Candy Land)!! Candyland is a board game. Did you know that Candyland was actually invented by a woman named Eleanor Abbott in 1948? She was in the hospital and diagnosed with polio. There were a lot of very sick children in there with polio, too. So, a retired school teacher, Eleanor Abbott, decided to make a game for all the children. The Candyland (Candy Land) game kept the children busy and gave them something fun to do for hours. Sometime in 1949, Eleanor Abbott sold the game to Milton Bradley. Candyland was one of the first board games I learned to play as a child. My siblings and I loved playing this game. It entertained us for hours! It makes an excellent game for families to play together. Continuing reading to find out more cool facts about Candyland. 


Have you played the Candyland board game?


Facts about Candyland (Candy Land):

1. Candyland is one of the games that helped make Milton Bradley famous. Hasbro currently makes it.

2. Adam Sandler was going to star in a live-action film based on the Candyland game. However, the movie was not made for legal reasons.

3. Candyland (Candy Land) is one of the top-selling board games each year. An average of one million units are sold each year, and more than fifty million board games have been sold since its release.

4. As of 2022, Candyland (Candy Land) has been around for 74 years.

5. There are over 20 different theme versions of Candyland.

Here is a list of some of those:

  •    Candyland Giant edition
  •    Candyland Unicorn edition
  •    Candyland Retro series edition
  •    Candyland 65th anniversary edition
  •    Candyland Disney Princess edition
  •    Candyland Vintage bookshelf edition
  •    Candyland The Kingdom of Sweets edition
  •    Candyland My Little Pony edition
  •    Candyland Colorforms Travel edition

6. Candyland is a 2 to 4-player game. The age stated on the box to play is 3+ years old. The game Candyland could teach toddlers social skills such as learning colors, counting, understanding directions, taking turns with others, helping imagination, and following the rules.


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 Books about Candy Land:

1. Candyland (Hasbro Children's Book Collection) by Gail Herman

2. Hasbro Candy Land: Colors: by Insight Kids

3. CandyLand Jumbo Coloring and Activity Book by Hasbro

4. Hasbro Candy Land: Birthday Surprise! by Golden Books

Parents/caretakers, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



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