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Facts about the Ili pika

Ili Pika Facts 

Today, I want to tell you guys all about the Ili Pika. Have you ever heard of an Ili pika before? It is the cutest mammal ever. It looks like a teddy bear. It is so fluffy and cute. The Ili pika is known by its scientific name, the Ochotona iliensis. The Ili pika was discovered by a scientist named Li Weindong in 1983. The Ili pika was found in the Tianshan Mountains, Northwestern China. The Ili pika is very rare and endangered. There is not a lot known about this cute, adorable creature. With your parent/caretaker’s permission, google the Ili pika and see how delightful and fluffy it is.


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Facts about the Ili pika:

1. The Ili pika is an herbivore. They eat weeds, grasses, plants, and other vegetation. Ili pikas store food for the winter, but they do not hibernate.

2. There are about 30 species of pikas. Here is a list of some of the names of the different pikas:

  • Chinese red pika
  • Forrest’s pika
  • Ladak pika
  • Plateau pika
  • Royle’s Pika
  • Steppe pika
  • Yellow pika

3. The Ili pika is mainly diurnal, which means it is active during the daytime hours. Some Ili pikas may be active during the night if necessary.

4. The Ili pika can get up to eight (8) inches tall and weigh up to about 8.5 ounces.

5. Ili pikas can live up to seven (7) years.

6. Ili pikas live in the holes of the rocky areas of the Tianshan Mountains in the Northwestern part of China. They can survive cold temperatures.

7. Some people say that the Ili pika resembles a short-eared rabbit, which is why it has been nicknamed the magic bunny. Ili pikas have short legs and rounded ears.


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Books about pikas:

1. The Ili Pikas: Lickerty Split and Hoppity Joy by Pamela Valemont

2. Pikas Wild Animals Edition by James Willoughby

3. It's Nice to Be a Pika by Molly Woodward

4. Pika's Day by Lisa Swain

Parents/caretakers, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



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