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Facts about the Philippine eagle

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Joey and Jinger want to know if you have ever heard of the Philippine eagle before? They think the Philippine eagle is cute because of the fluffy feathers on top of its head. Joey and Jinger would like me to tell you all about this very rare and majestic bird. The Philippine eagle was also known as the monkey eating eagle. It is in their nature to eat other animals such as monkeys and lemurs. The Philippine eagle is a carnivore. Carnivore means that they eat meat. 

Are you ready to read some more interesting facts about this amazing eagle?


Facts about the Philippine eagle:

1. The giant Philippine eagle is the largest of the eagles because of its wide wing span and length. It can get a little over 3 feet in length. It can weigh as much as 18 pounds. Its wing span can be up to 7 feet wide.  No wonder it is the biggest eagle in the world.

2. A group of Philippine eagles is called an aerie, congregation, or convocation. Baby eagles are called fledglings or eaglets.

3. The Philippine Eagle is the Philippines national bird. It became the national bird of the Philippines in 1995.

4. The Philippine eagle can live up to 40 years in the wild. A Philippine eagle has been recorded to have lived 46 years in captivity at an eagle center in the Philippines.

5. The Philippine eagles have very good vision. Their eyes are a steel bluish-gray color. Their eyesight is more than 6 times better than human’s eyesight. They can spot a predator over a mile away. 

6. Where do you think the Philippine eagle is from? Yep, you guessed right! It is from the Philippines. They are native to only four of the over 7000 islands that make up the Philippines. The islands where the Philippine eagles can be found are:

  • Samar
  • Mindanao
  • Luzon
  • Leyte

7. The Philippine eagles build their nests way up high on a tree in the forest or other high area elevations.

8. The Philippine eagle is diurnal and does all its hunting, eating, nesting, and other activity during the day light hours. They rest/sleep during the night time hours.


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Books about eagles:

1. An Eagle's Feather: Based on a story by the Philippine Eagle Foundation by Minfong Ho

2. The Bald Eagle by Lisa Herrington

3. DK Eyewitness Books: Eagle and Birds of Prey by David Burnie

4. Is a Bald Eagle Really Bald? by Martha Rustad

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.



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