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Facts about Cuckoo birds

Cuckoo Bird Facts

Have you heard of the cuckoo bird before? Cuckoos are a medium sized bird. Cuckoo birds are where the cuckoo clock got its name from. Have you ever seen or heard of a cuckoo clock before? A Cuckoo clock has a Cuckoo bird that comes out of its little house at the top of the clock every hour and makes a Cuckoo singing/chirping sound.


What is your favorite type of bird?


With your parent/caretaker’s permission you can click on the links below to see Cuckoo birds and Cuckoo clocks.

You can see Cuckoo clocks here: Click here

You can see Cuckoo birds here: Click here


Facts about Cuckoo birds:

1. There are over 125 species of birds in the Cuckoo bird family. Roadrunner birds are part of the Cuckoo bird family. The different species of cuckoo birds can be found living in different places all around the world except for Antarctica. Here is a list of some of the Cuckoo birds:

  • Channel-billed
  • Common
  • Guira
  • Himalayan
  • Lesser ground
  • Little bronze
  • Mangrove
  • Oriental
  • Striped
  • Yellow billed

2. Most cuckoo birds are insectivores. Cuckoo birds eat mainly insects. They love to eat hairy caterpillars!

3. The channel billed cuckoo bird is one of the largest of the cuckoo birds. It can weigh as much as two (2lbs.) pounds, sometimes more or less. It can be up to 27 inches long, sometimes more or less.

4. The little bronze cuckoo bird is one of the smallest of the cuckoo birds. It can weigh as much as a ½ ounce, sometimes more or less. It can be up to six (6in.) inches long, sometimes more or less.

5. Some of the cuckoo birds such as the common cuckoo bird lay their own eggs in other bird’s nests so they do not have to take care of their eggs. Common cuckoo birds are known as Brood parasites. Brood parasite means that they rely on other birds to take care of their eggs and raise their baby birds.

6. A group of cuckoo birds are called an asylum of cuckoos or a family of cuckoos.

7. Cuckoo birds are migratory birds. They migrate/fly to warmer areas during the cold season.

8. The Cuckoo bird makes a sound like coo-coo, coo-coo just like the sound from a cuckoo clock!


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Cuckoo bird

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 Cuckoo Bird ABC ORDER worksheet


Cuckoo bird worksheet

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Books about Cuckoo birds:

1. The Cuckoo Bird by Judy Corbalis

2. The Cuckoo Bird by Carol Krueger

3. The Cuckoos (Bird Families of the World) by Robert B. Payne

4. Cuckoos of the World by Johannes Erritzoe

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.


Short story alert:

There once was a Cuckoo bird named Coo-coo. Coo-coo loved to fly from tree to tree. Coo-coo would fly down to the ground to search for food. Coo-coo’s favorite food to eat was very hairy caterpillars. Sometimes it was hard to find the caterpillars but that did not stop Coo-coo from searching for those hairy caterpillars to eat. Coo-coo would search for hours and hours for just one of those hairy caterpillars. Some days Coo-coo would find lots of hairy caterpillars and some days Coo-coo would only find one or two. By the end of the day Coo-coo was so tired from searching for those hairy little caterpillars to eat that Coo-coo would sleep peacefully in its nest. Coo-coo would wake up well rested and ready to search for more hairy caterpillars to eat. THE END!


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