Monday, November 14


Happy day to you!!

Mell Mell and I are super excited because our book "JOEY SAVES THE DAY! LOST AT THE ZOO" has made its way to the libraries in our county. I submitted the book and paperwork for the library's material department to review and see if it meets their standards. Our book met their standards. YAY! It took about six weeks to get the book accepted. We are so delighted! A big THANK YOU to our local libraries!

If you're searching for a book that will ignite your children's imagination and stimulate their minds, then you must check out our book "Joey Saves the Day! Lost at the Zoo". The book is about the seven continents and the animals that inhabit each. While Joey and his family enjoy their day at the zoo, Joey's dad gets lost. Joey has to explore the rest of the continents at the zoo to find his dad. This easy-to-read book is filled with excellent illustrations by my 15-year-old daughter. It's a must-read and-see book!

Here is a link to our book on AmazonClick here

If you decide to get a copy of our book, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Thank you for your love and support; it means the world to us! 

Joey Saves The Day At The Zoo book Cover

Joey Saves The Day At The Zoo book at Library

Joey Saves The Day At The Zoo book at Library2 2

Joey Saves The Day! Book series covers
Other books in the JOEY SAVES THE DAY! book series

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Mimi is not only the talented author of the captivating "JOEY SAVES THE DAY!" book series but also a devoted homeschooling mother to two young children with two adult children who have already left the nest. Her 16-year-old daughter, a remarkable and gifted artist, has beautifully illustrated the books and is set to illustrate the entire series. This talented young illustrator began showcasing her skills at the age of 14 and aspires to become a renowned illustrator and fantasy book writer in the future. Let's join Mimi in supporting her daughter's dreams and making them a reality!

Children and adults everywhere will love these books. The stories and illustrations within the pages of the books will put a big smile on your face. The books will spark your child’s imagination, and they will be delighted as you read to them. The illustrations are adorable, and the stories are super cute. Plus, books are a great source of learning and an easy way to teach your child how to read. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to own this collection of adorable books! All six of Mimi’s books are available on Amazon, and in most other places, books are sold.

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