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Facts about Chinese water deer

Chinese Water Deer Facts

Have you heard about the Chinese water deer? If you have, then that's good for you! Learning brings knowledge. If you haven’t, keep reading to find some cool facts about Chinese water deer, also known as vampire deer or Asian water deer. Chinese water deer have fangs. They use their fangs to protect themselves and their young from predators.


What is your favorite kind of deer?


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Quick facts about Chinese water deer:

1. The scientific name for Chinese water deer is Hydropotes inermis. There are over 40 types of deer species in the world. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Black-tailed deer
  • Chinese water deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Red deer
  • Reindeer
  • White-tailed deer

2. Chinese water deer are herbivores. Herbivores means that they eat plant matter.

3. Chinese water deer are one of the smaller species of deer. They can weigh up to thirty-one (31) pounds and have a shoulder height of up to twenty-two (22) inches tall.

4. A group of deer is called a herd, bunch, or mob. A female deer is called a doe. A male deer is called a buck. A baby deer is called a fawn or calf.

5. Chinese water deer do not grow antlers. Instead, they have tusks, which are also known as fangs. Their fangs hang out of their mouths on each side, which is why some people refer to them as vampire deer.

6. Chinese water deer are crepuscular. Crepuscular means they are active during morning and evening hours.

7. Chinese water deer are native to China and Korea. They live near rivers, coastal areas, and swampy, marshy, well-vegetated areas.

8. Chinese water deer can swim for a few miles before getting tired. They are excellent swimmers, and they love water.


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Books about Chinese water deer and deer:

1. Chinese Water Deer by Arnold Cooke

2. My First Book About Deer by Molly Davidson

3. Bambi's Children: The Story of a Forest Family by Felix Salten

4. Deer For Kids by John Davidson


Parents/caretakers, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



Short story alert:

Once upon a time, a short deer with long fangs was known as a Chinese water deer. Her name was Hoppy. Hoppy loved to run and swim; when she ran, she looked like she was hopping, which is how she got her name. She would hop down to the water and swim for hours, then hop and frolic through tall grasses in search of food. Sometimes, she would find beets to eat, but her favorite food was fresh grass shoots. After eating, she would hunt for thick vegetation to nap in. One day, while sleeping, a loud noise startled her, and she jumped up to look around. Off in the distance, she spotted a tiny Siberian chipmunk and watched as it played. She wondered how something so small could be so loud. As the chipmunk got further and further away, Hoppy hopped out of her resting area and started on her way. THE END! By Mimi Jones


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  1. I love your short story maybe you should do a book about hoppy

    1. I am glad you enjoyed. Thank you for reading it. I hope you learned something new today!


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