About Me

I reside on the East Coast with my guitar playing husband and two youngest children. Our two oldest children have already left the nest! 

We are a GOD loving family. I have been a homeschool mom for over 12 Years now! I love to learn, draw, read, write, and teach. Writing has always been a passion of mine. I am working on two novels as well as the fifth book in the JOEY SAVES THE DAY! book series.  

I have always wanted to write children's books, but I never thought I had what it takes. In 2021 I decided to write children's books because my son is dyslexic, and he learns at a slower pace than most children his age. I wanted to make books that he would have been capable of reading when he was struggling. He struggled very hard to learn to read. He is now doing an excellent job of reading. I started teaching him when he was 4 years old, and it took until he was about 10 to be able to read at a second-grade level. He is now fourteen and reading at a seventh-grade level. He is a very brilliant child. He is doing well!! He struggles at times, but we all do at some point in our lives. 

Just like my son, I too have dyslexia. I also have Asperger Syndrome. I have a very hard time with socializing. I don't know how to make and keep friends. I live by rules and routines. I do not like to lie so if you ask me if your hair looks good and it really doesn't, I will tell you the truth. I know they say little lies don't hurt, but in my world they do. I am blunt and to the point. I do not like change, and I am a highly sensitive person. I have a deep love for collecting and reading books. 

Me and my family! 

Meet Pete! Isn't he cute? He is going to debut 
in my upcoming children's shape book 


I have made a variety of printables for you. Check them out! They are free. I have some awesome coloring pages and worksheets that you can print out! 4th of July printables now available.


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Mimi is the author of the JOEY SAVES THE DAY! book series and other titles. She loves learning, reading, drawing, and writing. She is a homeschool mother of two children and she has two adult children that have already left the nest. 



Delilah's Mommy dropped her off at daycare and she doesn't want to stay. Joey sees that Delilah is sad, so he helps her feel better by doing silly things to make her laugh. They have so much fun the day is over in a flash!


Joey helps his Memaw find her eyeglasses and they are right there in plain sight. Some of us have done this before! Join Joey in this funny and cute quest to find his Memaw's eyeglasses.


Joey helps his sister find her missing teddy bear. They look everywhere. I bet you can't guess where Joey and Jinger find the missing teddy bear?


Joey 's father gets lost while they are visiting the seven continents at the zoo. Come on this adorable adventure with Joey and his family as they visit each of the seven continents at the zoo!

Santa's Rainbow Reindeer

Move over Rudolph, Santa has a new team of deer to pull his sleigh this year. Join Harry and Holly Jingles as they introduce us to Santa's Rainbow Reindeer. Learn about them one by one. The Rainbow Reindeer help your children get ready for bed so Santa can bring them gifts when they are all tucked in their bed and sound asleep. 

Where, Oh, Where, Could My Dinosaur Be?

A little boy misplaces his stuffed dinosaur and needs your help to find it. Join the little boy on his hunt through his house to find his missing dinosaur. This book will stimulate your child's imagination. It will help teach them left and right learning and basic rhyming.


  1. I really love your books. They teach so much I have purchased them all. Keep up the writing. Never quit

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you like my books.


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