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My family and I call the East Coast our home, where we live, with my talented husband, who loves to play the guitar. We are a family of six, with our two youngest children filling our home with joy and laughter. Our two oldest children have embarked on their own adventures, leaving the nest to pursue their dreams.

Our family has a deep love for God. For more than 12 years, I have dedicated myself to homeschooling my children. My interests include learning, drawing, reading, writing, and teaching. Writing, in particular, has always been a fervent passion of mine. Currently, I am engrossed in the creation of two novels, the fifth installment of the "Joey Saves the Day!" book series, and other titles.

I have harbored a lifelong aspiration to pen children's books, but I never felt confident enough to pursue this dream. However, in 2021, everything changed. I embarked on the journey of writing children's books because my son has dyslexia, which has caused him to learn at a slower pace compared to his peers. Witnessing his struggles with reading ignited a passion within me to create books that could have supported him during those challenging times. His journey to reading proficiency was arduous, beginning when he was just 4 years old and culminating when he reached the age of 10, finally achieving a second-grade reading level. Now, at fourteen, he reads at a seventh-grade level, a testament to his incredible determination and intelligence. While he still encounters occasional obstacles, his resilience inspires us all.

Just like my son and husband, I, too, have dyslexia. Additionally, I have Asperger's Syndrome, which makes socializing a challenge for me. Making and keeping friends is difficult, and I find comfort in following rules and routines. Honesty is important to me, so if you seek my opinion, I will provide it truthfully, even if it may be difficult to hear. I value sincerity and find it difficult to navigate a world where little lies are deemed acceptable. I am straightforward and prefer stability over change. Despite these challenges, I am a compassionate person with a deep love for collecting and reading books.

Me and my family! 

Meet Pete! Isn't he cute? He is going to debut 
in my upcoming children's shape book 

Mimi is the author of the "Joey Saves the Day!" book series and other titles. She loves learning, reading, drawing, and writing. She is a homeschooling mother of two children and has two adult children who have already left the nest.



Delilah's mother gently dropped her off at the daycare center, but it was evident that Delilah was feeling uneasy about staying. Fortunately, young Joey, a kind-hearted boy at the daycare, noticed Delilah's distress and took it upon himself to cheer her up. With his playful and silly antics, Joey managed to bring a smile to Delilah's face, turning her frown into laughter. As they spent the day together, their laughter echoed through the daycare, and before they knew it, the day had ended, filled with joy and happiness.


In a heartwarming scene, young Joey comes to the rescue as he helps his Memaw locate her misplaced eyeglasses. Much to their surprise, the glasses are found right there in plain sight, prompting a chuckle from both of them. As they share this endearing moment, it's evident that this isn't the first time such a search has taken place. Join Joey on this delightful and amusing quest as he assists his Memaw in finding her beloved eyeglasses.


Joey helps his sister find her missing teddy bear. They search everywhere. Where did Joey and Jinger find the missing teddy bear?


Joey's father becomes separated from the family during their visit to the zoo, where they embark on an adventure to explore each of the seven continents.

Santa's Rainbow Reindeer

Move aside, Rudolph! Santa is unveiling a new reindeer team to pull his sleigh this year. Join Harry and Holly Jingles as they introduce us to Santa's Rainbow Reindeer. Get to know each of these unique and colorful reindeer as they help prepare your children for bedtime. When your little ones are tucked in and fast asleep, Santa can deliver their gifts with the help of the Rainbow Reindeer.

Where, Oh, Where, Could My Dinosaur Be?

A young boy has lost his stuffed dinosaur and needs your help to find it. Join him on a journey through his house to locate his missing toy. This book aims to spark your child's imagination and teach them about directionality and rhyming.


  1. I really love your books. They teach so much I have purchased them all. Keep up the writing. Never quit

    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you like my books.


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