Thursday, October 28

I is for Ice

Happy Thankful Thursday!! May you have a

 beautiful day filled with thankfulness!!

We are on letter Ii of the Gratitude Alphabet! I is for ice!

Joey is thankful for snow! Snow is actually formed by tiny ice crystals. Snowflakes are clusters of ice crystals. Joey loves playing in the snow and making snowmen! Always dress warm while playing outside in the cold!!

I’m thankful for ice because it’s very important to our climate!

Arctic ice is very important to our planet and climate. The ice reflects the sunlight and that helps regulate the earth’s temperature. It acts as the earth’s very own air conditioner! How cool is that?

What are you grateful for that begins with the letter i?


Here is a list of facts about ice:

1. Ice and snow are both solid forms of water, but they both have different properties.

2. Ice is less dense than its liquid state. Even though ice is frozen water; ice weighs less than water. That is why ice floats when in the water.

3. Dry ice isn’t made of frozen water; it is made of frozen carbon dioxide (CO2).

4. Dry ice is/was used to keep foods cold.

5. When lakes and ponds freeze during the winter months it helps protect most of the aquatic plants and animals in the water. The ice acts as an insulation for them!

6. Ice packs can help reduce pain and inflammation when put on an injury.

7. Icebergs are not always white. Some icebergs are shades of blue or green.

8. Ice doesn’t only exist on earth!


Here is a list of books about ice and snow:

1. The Story of Snow: by Jon Nelson Ph.D

2. The Magic of Friendship Snow by Andi Cann

3. Melting and Freezing by Lisa Greathouse

4. Ice Is Nice!: All About the North and South Poles by Bonnie Worth

5. Ice Bear: Read and Wonder: by Nicola Davies

6. Icebergs & Glaciers: by Seymour Simon

Parents please make sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.


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