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Facts about French Fries

French Fry Facts

Do you think that French Fries came from France?

First, let me tell you about facts and fiction!

A fact is something true, and you can prove that it is true.

Fiction is imaginary, and it can’t be proven accurate.

Now, let me tell you where French Fries came from! They originated in Belgium, a Country in Western Europe. History states that the people of Belgium have been frying potatoes since the late 1600s. The French Fries were originally called Pomme de Terre Frittes. They say the name French Fries was given to the Pomme de Terre Frittes by American Soldiers in Belgium during World War I. The soldiers named them French Fries because the Belgians who introduced them to the French Fries spoke French!


Facts about French Fries:

1. French Fries did not come from France.

2. French Fries are also called Chips or Fries, depending on what part of the world you are in.

3. There is a museum called Frietmuseum that is dedicated to French Fries in Belgium.

4. President Thomas Jefferson introduced Americans to French Fries.

5. July 13 is National French Fry Day!!

6. Thick-cut fries have less fat than thin-cut ones.


Books about French Fries and Fact or Fiction:

1. Chip and Curly by Cathy Breisacher

2. 5000 Amazing Facts by Parragon Books

3. Introducing French Fry Guy by Steve Rachwal

4. Chips or Fries? by Lisa Lewison



  1. No, it is fiction. French Fries did not originate from France. Good guess though!!


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