Monday, October 18

Success and Kindness

Happy Mentor Monday!! 

May you find the keys to your success 

and a mentor to help you get there!

Does anyone need any help with anything? Do you need a mentor to help you achieve a goal? Do you just need to talk to someone about something but don’t know who to go to? Let’s all help each other out. Let’s engage and learn from each other!

Mentoring is for you if you have a special talent and love helping others. If you can share your wisdom with us or someone else, please do! Help someone out with the kindness of your heart!

I can mentor and give you ideas on writing and how to get a book published for anyone interested. I can also give you ideas on how to homeschool your child. I can also listen and be a shoulder to cry on if you need a friend.

Definition of mentor= "advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague)."-by Oxford Languages.

Definition of kindness= "the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate."-by Oxford Languages

Books on mentoring and kindness:

1. Spread Your Sunshine With Acts Of Kindness by Cheryl Shyne

2. Kindness Starts With You by Jacquelyn Stagg

3. Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsen

4. Kindness Rocks by Sonica Ellis

5. Make the Most of Mentoring by Susan Colantuono

6. Mentoring My Elementary-and Middle-School Students by Todd Feltman

Parents, please ensure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.

Joey says to always help out when possible and be kind to others. There is nothing like the love of a friendship to get you through! 


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