Monday, October 25

Movie Night

Movie Night

What makes Monday Marvelous? In our house, Monday is movie night!! The kids get to pick out their favorite movie and watch it with us (parents/caretakers). It's a great time to bond and grow as a family. After the movie is over, ask your child to tell you about the movie and what they learned from it.

Have you seen a good movie lately? Please share your thoughts about it with us! Child-friendly movies only. All other movies will be deleted.

Here is a list of movies:

1. Paw Patrol: The Movie

2. Raya and the Last Dragon

3. The Addams Family

4. Happy Feet

5. Brave

6. Inside Out

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

8. Toy Story

Parents, please ensure movies are child-friendly before watching them with your child/children.



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