Saturday, October 23

Writing and Drawing

Drawing and Writing

Do you like to write? I love to write!! Writing is good for your soul! You can write down whatever you are feeling on paper, and it helps you deal with things in your life. So, go get that journal out and start writing! Write a story, a poem, or a biography! The possibilities are endless when you write. Write till the point on your pencil is gone!! Then sharpen it and write more or get a pen. Writing can take you on adventures you only dream of. Let your pencil be your guide! 

If writing is not your thing, you can use the pencil to draw your dream home, a magical land far away, or some fantastic cartoon characters. Whatever you choose to do with your pencil is entirely up to you! Just have fun and learn.


  1. i'm not a good writier

    1. I'm sure you are a very good writer. Writing just takes a lot of practice. The more you learn the more you grow and your writing abilities will grow too!!


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