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Facts about the ocean

Ocean Facts

Do you like Trivia and learning? Learning is good for you and trivia is fun!!

Do you know what the largest ocean in the world is?

Did you know that there is only one ocean? It is called the Global Ocean, and it is a very large continuous body of salt water. The Global Ocean is broken down into five basins/oceans: The Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific, and Southern Oceans. The Ocean covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Did you know that because of how vast our ocean is only about 5% of the world’s ocean has been explored?


Facts about the oceans:

1. There are volcanoes and mountains on the ocean floor.

2. The biggest animal in the ocean is the Blue Whale.

3. The Mid Ocean Ridge is the largest chain of underwater mountains.

4. Scientist estimate that at least 50% to 70% of oxygen production on Earth is produced from the ocean.

5. There are over 220,000 different species of living creatures living in the ocean and millions more that have not been discovered or studied yet.

6. The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of the five oceans. The Pacific Ocean is the biggest of the five oceans.

7. The ocean is so deep that in many places light can’t reach the bottom. The ocean is always in motion.

8. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the largest structures on Earth and it is located in the Coral Sea which is in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the Earth. It is the world’s largest coral reef system. It is located off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

9. There is about 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste in the ocean. Please don’t litter or pollute on the beaches. Help keep them clean for our future generation!


Can you share a fact about oceans with us?


Books about the oceans:

1. Explore Earth's Five Oceans by Bobbie Kalman

2. Ocean Anatomy: by Julia Rothman

3. The Fascinating Ocean Book for Kids: by Bethanie Hestermann

4. All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper

Parents make sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children


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