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Facts about the Nene Goose

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We are on the letter Nn of the gratitude alphabet! N is for Nene. What are you thankful for that begins with the letter N?

The Nene, also known as the Hawaiian goose, is a bird species in Hawaii and its official state bird. It is one of the rarest geese in the world. The Nene is not migratory—it does not fly from island to island—and usually stays within the island's boundaries.


Facts about the Nene:

1. Nene is pronounced nay-nay. The scientific name of the Nene is Branta Sandvicensis.

2. The Nene has a soft moo sound similar to a cow’s moo but softer. They honk when flying through the air. The Nene is a very chatty kind of goose, and when they are all together, you can hear them making all kinds of different noises when communicating with each other.

3. The Nene is an herbivore that eats flowers, grasses, leaves, seeds, and berries. If you are ever in Hawaii, please don’t feed or touch the Nene because it is illegal. The Ohelo berries are one of Nene’s favorite berries.

4. The Nene is considered a waterfowl but rarely swims in open waters. It will swim in a spring, pond, lake, or pool by its nest.  

5. The Nene is a medium-sized goose that can grow to 16 inches and weigh up to 6.5 pounds. Its average length is 20-25 inches.

6. You can find the Nene geese in shrublands, pastures, grasslands, active lava, and coastal areas.

7. They build their nests in hollows on the ground, usually hidden by grass or other vegetation. They lay 2 to 5 eggs at a time, which usually hatch 30 days after being laid.

8. A group of Nene are called geese, blizzard, chevron, or plump.

Can you share a fact about the Nene Goose with us?

Get your Nene coloring/worksheet here:

N is for Nene 

Books about Hawaii:

1. The Mystery in Hawaii: The 50th State by Carole Marsh

2. Hawaii's Animals and Wildlife by H. Douglas Pratt

3. My First Hawaiian 200 Picture Word Book by Gerard Aflague

4. Fascinating Facts About Hawaii by Jim Loomis

Parents, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.


You can get your parent's permission to google the 
Nene Goose, and see how beautiful they are!

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