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Facts about M&M's Forrest Mars

Facts about M&M's

I am going to share some information about M&M’s with you. M&M’s are multi-colored round chocolates with a hard candy-coated shell. M&M’s were invented by Forrest Edward Mars Sr., who got the idea from watching soldiers eat round chocolate candies during the Spanish Civil War. The M&M’s plain chocolate candy was made in 1941 in a Newark, New Jersey factory. M&M’s were a ration for the United States Military.


Facts about M&M’s:

1. Forrest Edward Mars Sr. is the son of Frank C. Mars, the founder of Mars, Inc.

2. While Forrest Mars was in Europe, he briefly worked for Nestle and the Tobler company.

3. The Milky Way was Forrest Mars's idea; his father, Frank Mars, produced it in 1923.

4. After Forrest Mars graduated high school, he attended Yale and then Berkeley, where he completed his degree in engineering in 1928.

5. While Forrest Mars was in England in 1933, he created the Mars bar and Maltesers.

6. When Forrest Mars returned to the United States, he started his own business and created Uncle Ben’s Rice and Pedigree dog food line.

7. The M’s on the M&M’s stand for Mars and Murrie. Bruce Murrie was Forrest Mars's partner for a while until Mars bought him out.

8. M&M’s used to be made using Hershey’s chocolate. Peanut M&M’s were first made in 1954.

9. M&M’s were first sold in cardboard tubes similar to the plastic ones we see today.


Can you share a fact about M&M’s with us?


Books about M&M’s:

1. The M&M's Count to One Hundred Book by Barbara McGrath

2. Mars Family: M&M Mars Candy Makers by Joanne Mattern

3. The M&M's Addition Book by Barbara McGrath

Parents, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.


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