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Facts about Moose

Moose Facts

Did you know moose are a member of the deer family? It is the largest species of deer in the world. They can grow to be around 4 to 7 feet tall—that is very tall for an animal!! Only the male moose have antlers, and they shed them every year around November. During the spring and summer, their antlers regrow. Their antlers can grow to be up to six feet wide and weigh around 40 pounds!!


What is your favorite animal from the deer family?


Facts about moose:

1. There are four subspecies of moose. Elk is the same species as moose.

2. They can weigh anywhere from 440 to 1,500 pounds; the males are usually more significant than the females. Moose can live an average of 15 – 25 years.

3. They can be found in North America, Europe and Asia. Moose prefer areas with a lot of trees, streams, and ponds. Moose prefer cold climates and won’t live in regions that don’t get any snow.

4. Despite their large size, they can run up to 35 mph and jump up to 6ft high!

5. Moose are great swimmers! They can swim through the water for several miles and even stay beneath it for about 30 seconds. During the summer, most of their diet consists of underwater plants.

6. A group of moose is referred to as a herd. Male moose are called Bulls, females are called cows, and baby moose are called calves. A moose calf can stand up within the first day of birth and outrun a human at only 3 days old!

7. Moose can sleep standing up or lying down. They love to sleep in the tall grass.

8. Moose are herbivores, which means they don’t eat meat. Their diet consists of leaves, weeds, grasses, and underwater plants.

9. Moose have lousy eyesight but can hear and smell good. A moose can smell and hear a predator from a few miles away.


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Books about moose:

1. Moose (Amazing Animals) by Kate Riggs

2. Deer, Moose, Elk, and Caribou by Deborah Hodge

3. Looking for a Moose by Phyllis Root

4. Circle, Square, Moose by Kelly Bingham

Parents/caretakers, please be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.


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