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Shark Facts

Shark Facts

Today I want to tell you all about sharks!! There are many different types of sharks. Did you know there are over 400 species of sharks swimming in the oceans all over the world? Yep, that is a lot of different types of sharks! Sharks are classified as fish. Most shark species are cold blooded. Sharks do not have bones! Their skeletal system is made up of cartilage. Sharks are very strong and big fish!!

What is your favorite type of fish?


Facts about sharks:

1. A group of sharks are called a shiver of sharks, school, frenzy, or gam. A baby shark is called a pup! Some sharks are pregnant for two years! Depending on the species of sharks, baby sharks(pups) can be born one of three different ways:

(1) Oviparity- means the female shark lays/deposits the eggs safely in the ocean where they will be safe from predators.

(2) Ovoviviparity- means that most sharks carry their eggs inside them until the shark pup is born.

(3) Viviparity- means female sharks carry embryos inside them until the shark pups are ready to be born.  

2. Sharks vary in size and weight! The biggest shark in the world is called the Whale shark! The Whale shark can get as long as 60 feet and weigh as much as 40,000 pounds!! That is very big!! The smallest shark in the world is called Dwarf Lanternshark. The Dwarf Lanternshark usually grows to about 6.9 inches in length and can weigh up to two pounds.

3.  Most sharks are carnivores! Carnivores means that they eat meat! A shark’s diet consists of other fish, shrimp, marine mammals, and lots of other sea creatures!

4. The Great White shark is warm blooded not cold blooded like most sharks are.

5. Sharks have a great sense of smell! They can smell hundreds of times better than a human can smell with their nose!

6. July 14th of every year is National Shark Awareness Day!!

7. Sharks can grow up to 50,000 teeth in their lifetime! Most sharks have about 5 rows of teeth! Depending on the species of sharks they can have 50 to 3000 teeth at a time! Sharks lose some teeth every day, but they are capable of regrowing their teeth! Isn’t that amazing?

8. Depending on the species of shark they can live any where from 20 years to 70 years long.

Share a fact about sharks with us?

Get your free printable shark coloring sheet here: 

Shark coloring sheet


Books about sharks:

1. National Geographic Readers: Sharks! by Anne Schreiber

2. Sharks for Kids: by David McGuire

3. Shark Coloring Book: Shark Activity Book for Kids by Angela Kidd

4. Super Shark Encyclopedia: by DK

Parents/caretakers please be sure book are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.


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