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Taco Facts

Happy Thankful Thursday!!! 

May your day be totally terrific!!

Please remember to take a moment and count all your blessings big and small that you have to be thankful for today!!

We are on letter Tt of the gratitude alphabet. T is for Taco!  What are you thankful for that begins with the letter T?

Who doesn’t love tacos? Tacos are fun to eat! You can put what you like on them and they are super tasty! Joey and Jinger love tacos! Did you know that the tortilla has been around since the ancient Mayans times? Around 10,000 B.C., according to an ancient Mayan legend a Mayan peasant made tortillas as a gift for the hungry king. Those tortillas were made with corn (maize)! It is believed that the word taco came from the Mexican Silver Mines in Mexico in the 18th century. In those times the word taco meant folded. The miners folded a piece of paper or wrapped the piece of paper around gunpowder to make an explosive. No one knows for sure who invented the taco! The tacos we eat today originated from Mexico.


What is your favorite type of taco?


Facts about tacos:

1. Taco Bell was originally called Taco Tia. Glen Bell opened the first Taco Tia in 1954 in San Bernardino California. Glen Bell is also the founder of Taco Bell. The first Taco Bell was opened in California in 1962. Taco Bell made the Mexican tacos popular in America. Glen Bell opened Taco Tia so Americans could taste Mexican food without having to travel all the way to Mexico. However, Mexican food was introduced to Americans in Los Angeles through a group of women known as the Chili Queens. These women sold tacos and all kinds of other Mexican food on food carts.

2. Here are some different types of Mexican Tacos: Al Pastor, Barbacoa, Birria, Carnitas, Lengua, and Migas. There are many different types of tacos. Share a taco recipe with us?

3. October 4th is National Taco Day. In Mexico Day of the Taco is celebrated on March 31st! Oh, and don’t forget Taco Tuesday is a day to eat tacos on every week! Be sure to celebrate by eating some tacos!!

4. Americans ate more than 4.5 billion tacos last year.


Share a fact about tacos with us?


Get your free T is for Taco printable coloring worksheet here: T is for Taco


Books about tacos:

1. Pizza and Taco: Who's the Best? by Stephen Shaskan

2. Taco Tuesday Finger Puppet Board Book by Brick Puffington

3. Taco Tuesday: More Than 100 Recipes by Publications International Ltd.

4. Make Your Own Taco Sticker Activity Book by Ellen Kraft

Parents/caretakers make sure books are child friendly before reading to your child/children.



I have written 4 children’s books so far. My 15-year-old daughter illustrated two of them and will illustrate all the rest of them in the series. Two of them are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart, and Books A Million. 




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