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Facts about watches

Watch Facts

We are on the letter Ww of the gratitude alphabet. 

W is for watch! 

What are you thankful for that begins with the letter W?

I'm grateful for watches! I love to wear one on my left wrist, and my children like to practice telling me what time it is on my watch!  

Did you know that watches have been around for many years? The very first watch was made in about 1505 by a man named Peter Henlein. The name of the watch that Peter Henlein made is called the Pomander Watch! It is not a wristwatch. It has a spherical shape and can sit on a table. People may have carried it in their pockets so they would know what time it was. Watches have evolved over the years. We went from intricately made spherical-shaped watches to smartwatches made by Apple. The world we live in is so amazing!! Don’t forget to give thanks for the many beautiful creations/inventions people have made over the years!


Do you wear a watch?


Facts about watches:

1. Watches are known as timepieces. There are many different types of watches. Here are some types of watches in alphabetical order:

Analog Watch: An analog watch has a clock face consisting of numbers, an hour hand, a minute hand, and sometimes a second hand.

Automatic Watch- requires winding of the watch for it to work.

Digital Watch- displays numbers on an LED/LCD watch face.

Diving Watch: This watch is designed for underwater use. The first waterproof watch was made in 1926.

Dress Watch: This watch is designed for business attire, a fancy date, a wedding, or any occasion when you want to wear a fancy watch.

Quartz Watch: This watch contains a small battery that generates an electric current that is regulated by a tiny quartz crystal.

2. Peter Henlein was also a German watchmaker who made the first pocket watch in about 1510! Men used to carry pocket watches in their pockets, but before they started to do so, they wore them on chains around their necks or attached to their clothing. Pocket watches aren’t used much today.

3. The first wristwatch was made by a Swiss watchmaker named Patek Philippe around 1868. Some people say that the first wristwatch was actually made around 1810 by a man named Abraham Louis Breguet. Abraham Breguet made a wristwatch for the Queen of Naples. Wristwatches were first made for women.

4. Vacheron & Constantin is the oldest Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches. It was founded in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron and is still around today. It is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

5. Apple first introduced its smartwatch in 2015. In 2021, an estimated 100 million smartwatches were in use!


Share a fact about watches with us?


Get your free printable watch worksheet here:  

W is for Watch



Books about watches:

1. 100 Years of Vintage Watches: by Dean Judy

2. Clocks and More Clocks by Pat Hutchins

3. Telling Time Activity Workbook: by Carol Miller

4. Learn To Tell Time Preschool Workbook: by Ann Bishop

Parents/caretakers, please make sure all books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.


Thank you for reading my post!!

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