Thursday, February 3

Facts about the Violin

Violin Facts

Today is a good day to count all your blessings and be thankful for those blessings.

We are on letter Vv of the gratitude alphabet. 

V is for Violin!  

What are you thankful for that begins with the letter V?

I'm thankful for the violin!! I know a few kids who love to play the violin!! Did you know that the violin has been around for many years? In fact, it has been around for over 500 years!! Through the years instruments were made that were similar to the violin. They were just different shapes with different amounts of strings on them. The modern 4 string violin and the shape we have today was made sometime in the 1500’s. Gasparo da Salò was one of the earliest violin makers in Italy. He made violas, double basses, violins, and many other instruments. During the same time period Andrea Amati perfected the modern violin and its shape!


What is your favorite musical instrument?


Facts about the violin:

1. The violin comes from the string family. In the violin family of musical instruments there is the violin, cello, double bass, and the viola. All of these instruments are played with a bow or by plucking the strings.

2. The double bass is the biggest instrument in the violin family. The average double bass stands about 6 feet tall. The violin is the smallest instrument in the string family/violin family. The violin comes in different sizes. There are about seven (7) different sizes of violins. They come in youth and adult sizes.

3. Spruce wood is the most used type of wood to make a violin. Other types of wood used in making violins are maple, willow, and rosewood.

4. The standard violin has four strings on it. The strings are A, E, D, and G. Some violins have more than four strings on them.

5. Violins and fiddles are the same instrument. There are some differences such as the setup of the violin and the type of music being played on it.


Share a fact about violins with us?


Get your free printable violin worksheet here:   

V is for Violin


Books about violins:

1. Best Beginning Violin Book for Kids: by Mr. Larry Newman

2. My First Violin Fun Book: by Mr. Larry Newman

3. Learning the Violin, Book One: by Cassia Harvey

4. A Violin for Elva by Mary Ray

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.


Thank you for reading my post!!

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