Thursday, February 24

Facts about Yurts

Yurt Facts

Today is a good day to count all your blessings that you have been given! 

We are on letter Yy of the gratitude alphabet. 

Y is for Yurt!  

What are you thankful for that begins with the letter Y?

I am grateful for yurts. I think yurts are very neat! Do you know what a yurt is? Yurts have been around for thousands of years in Central Asia. A Yurt is kind of like a tent but only round. Nomads use yurts instead of living in a home because yurts are easy to take down and move to a new location. Yurts are still used today. People can take a vacation and stay in a yurt. That would be a fun experience! It would be like camping out in the woods in a tent. Have you ever stayed in a yurt?


Facts about Yurts:

1. Another name for a yurt is ger. A ger is just like a yurt. A ger is the older traditional style of yurt. The Mongolian people call a yurt a ger.

2. Yurts were originally used by people living in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey.

3. Yurts are easier to heat than a square house is. Yurts can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer with the right equipment. There is usually a fireplace in the middle of the yurt for heating and cooking.

4. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to set up a yurt depending on the size of the yurt and how many people are helping you put it together.


Share a fact about yurts with us?


Get your free printable yurt worksheet here:

 Y is for Yurt

Books about Yurts/Gers:

1. Story of the Mongolian Tent House by Dashdondog Jamba

2. Practical Yurts: by Steven Hatch

3. Wonderful Houses Around the World by Yoshio Komatsu

4. A Place Called Home: by Kate Baker

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.



Thank you for reading my post!

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