Thursday, March 3

Facts about Zebra

 Welcome to zebra facts!


We are on the last letter of the gratitude alphabet!! 

We are on the letter Zz. 

Z is for Zebra! 

What are you thankful for that begins with the letter Z?


Zebras are beautiful! My children love zebras. They love visiting the zebras at the zoo. They think it is neat that zebras look similar to horses. Zebras are closely related to horses and donkeys. Zebras have black and white stripes. Did you know that a group of Zebras is called a dazzle, zest, or herd? Zebras live in herds. Have you ever seen a group of zebras running together? It is very dazzling.


Facts about zebras:

1. Zebras have a black and white mane. The zebra’s mane doesn’t lay flat like a horse’s mane, it stands up like a mohawk. Each zebra’s stripes are in different patterns and unique just like a human’s fingerprints are unique to each individual.

2. The average life span of a zebra in the wild is about 25 years. Zebras can live up to 40 years in captivity (zoo).

3. There are 3 species of zebra, the Grevy's zebra, mountain zebra, and the plains zebra. Zebras come from Africa.

4. Zebras are herbivores. They eat mainly grasses. Sometimes they eat other vegetation like plants, roots, and leaves. They are always moving from place to place to look for more vegetation to eat and to avoid danger.

5. A zebra is a mammal. A baby zebra is called a foal. A female zebra is called a mare. A male zebra is called a stallion.

6. Zebras can run up to 40 miles per hour (MPH). That is pretty fast, but not as fast as horses can run.

7. Zebras can swim. Zebras love water. They prefer shallow water like ponds to swim in.

8. Zebras can sleep while standing up because they have locking joints in their legs. Zebras can also sleep while lying down. They prefer to stand up and sleep in groups during the day and at night they lie down.

9. January 31st of every year is International Zebra Day!!


Share a fact about zebras with us?


Get your free printable zebra worksheet here:

Z is for Zebra!

Books about zebras:

1. Facts About the Zebra by Lisa Strattin

2. How the Zebra Got Its Stripes by Justine Fontes

3. Zebras (Elementary Explorers) by Victoria Blakemore

4. Little Zebra by Julie Abery

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.

I took this picture of a zebra at the zoo!


Thank you for reading my post!

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