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Facts about Bumblebee Bats

Bumblebee Bat Facts

Have you ever heard about the Bumblebee bat, also known as the Kitti’s hog-nosed bat? They are very tiny bats. They are cute, but do not ever approach one. The Bumblebee bat can grow to about 1.3 inches long. The Bumblebee bat can weigh up to about 2 grams. The Bumblebee bat is the smallest of the bat species. It is about the size of a large bumblebee. The bumblebee bat is also one of the world’s smallest mammals.

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Facts about Bumblebee bats:

1. Bumblebee bats are on the endangered species list. There are about 2000 or less Bumblebee bats left in the world. That number does not include the Myanmar or the Thailand population of the Bumblebee bats. The Myanmar and Thailand Bumblebee bats are legally protected.

2. The Bumblebee bat can live for about 10 years or less.

3. Bumblebee bats are omnivores. They eat mostly insects and spiders. They catch their food by using echolocation. Echolocation makes it simple to locate insects and objects by using soundwaves that send back echoes that let them know where the insects and objects are.

4. Bumblebee bats are nocturnal. They hunt insects mainly at night and dusk. They like to fly around the tops of bamboo to catch insects and food.

5. Bumblebee bats live in groups inside limestone caves near water. A group of Bumblebee bats are called a colony. A baby Bumblebee bat is called a pup.


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Books about Bumblebee bats and bats:

1. Hello, Bumblebee Bat by Darrin Lunde

2. Baby Bumblebee Bat Book by Elizabeth Kesler

3. Bat Basics: by Karen Krebbs

4. Bumblebee Bats by Jill C. Wheeler

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