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Facts about Grackles

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Chirp! Chirp! Have you heard about the Grackles? Grackles are shiny looking black birds. There are 11 species of grackles that live in different parts of the world. This year we were blessed to have not one but three grackle nests in a tree in our front yard. In one of the nests there were three baby grackles. We could watch them from our kitchen window being feed by the adult birds. When the baby birds were hungry, they would chirp very loudly. One day we noticed the baby birds trying to hop out of their nest. A few days later we spotted them perching on the branches in the tree near their nest. The next day one of the baby grackles was on the ground hopping around. Two adult grackles were close by watching. We got to experience a baby grackle learning to fly. It was amazing.


The baby grackle hopped over to the bushes in our front yard and got behind them. It would run back and forth behind the bushes while trying to fly. It would lift up off the ground and then drop back down and run a little then fly a little. It flew up on our front porch step and stood there looking around. Then it flew down onto the ground and ran/hopped towards our fence. On top of the fence sat two adult grackles that were watching the baby grackle trying to learn to fly. One of the adult grackles flew down to the ground and tried to show the baby grackle how to get under the fence. The adult grackle walked under the fence twice showing the baby how to do it. It only took two tries for the baby grackle to get under the fence to our backyard. While in the backyard the baby grackle reminded me of a toddler running back and forth learning to walk. The baby grackle learned to fly within three days so did the other two. It was amazing watching them and seeing them learn to fly. The most amazing part was how the adult grackles made sure their babies were taken care of! If you ever see a fledgling on the ground learning to fly don’t approach it. It is not in trouble. It is learning to fly. 

Baby grackle under the tree!

Baby grackle behind the bushes and flower pots.

Baby grackle learning to fly!


Are there grackles in the state you reside?


Facts about grackles:

1. A group of grackles are sometimes referred to as a flock or plague. Grackles are social and prefer to live and travel in groups. Some types of grackles migrate during the winter months and some do not.

2. Grackles are omnivores. Omnivore means that they eat plants and meat sources for food. Some of the food grackles eat are berries, seeds, fruits, insects, frogs, mice, and eggs.

3. A baby grackle is referred to as a chick, nestling, or a fledgling.

4. Some grackles have been known to live about 22 years in the wild.  

5. Grackles can weigh as much as 7 ounces depending on the type. Some grackles can be as tall as 18 inches.

6. A female grackle can lay up to seven eggs at a time. Could you imagine 7 little chirping grackles?

7. Here is a list of the eleven (11) types of grackles in alphabetical order:

·         Boat tailed grackle

·         Carib grackle

·         Colombian mountain grackle

·         Common grackle

·         Golden tufted grackle

·         Great tailed grackle

·         Greater Antillean grackle

·         Nicaraguan grackle

·         Red bellied grackle

·         Slender billed grackle

·         Velvet fronted grackle

 Share a fact about grackles with us?

Baby grackle


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Grackles alphabet worksheet 


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Books about grackles:

1. Gracie Grackle by Mikko Macchione

2. Boat-tailed grackle by William Post

3. FRITZ the Uncommon Grackle by Lilianne White

4. Bad Birds of North America by Jack Wilcox

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.


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