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Facts about Montana


Are you ready to learn some facts today?

Have you ever taken a vacation to Montana before? Maybe you live there? Whichever it may be, you can learn some cool facts about Montana here! Joey and Jinger absolutely love to learn facts about all of the different states in the United States. They would like me to share some of those facts with you! So, each and every Thursday, I will be posting facts about each of the fifty states in the United States. The states will be done in alphabetical order! Last week we posted facts about Missouri. This week we are posting facts about Montana. The countdown is on only 24 more states to blog about! Yippie!

Did you know that Montana was the forty-first (41st) state to join the union? Yep, that is correct! Montana officially joined the union on November 8, 1889! Montana is located in the Northwestern region of the United States. Montana is bordered by four (4) states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho. Montana also borders Canda. Montana is the fourth (4th) largest state in the United States. Montana is one of the biggest states. There are about 1,104,271 people that live in the state of Montana.


Montana famous person alert:

Did you know that John Robert Horner (Jack Horner) was born in Shelby, Montana? John Robert Horner is an American paleontologist that studies dinosaurs. A paleontologist is a scientist who studies fossils. John Robert Horner is best known for being a technical advisor on the first five Jurassic Park movies. 

Here is a cool page all about Montana and you can even check out the dinosaur discoveries: Click here with your parent/caretaker's permission.


Share a fact about a famous person that was born in your state?


Facts about Montana:

1. A few things Montana is known for are: its Natural minerals, wildlife, and the snowcapped mountains. A few of the nicknames for the state of Montana are: the Big Sky Country, the Treasure State, and the Land of Shining Mountains. The Montana state motto is Oro y Plata. The motto is a Spanish phrase which means, Gold and Silver. The Montana state motto was adopted in 1865. The abbreviation for Montana is MT.

2. The capital of Montana is Helena. Helena officially became the capital of Montana sometime in 1875. Helena has an estimated population of about 32,655 people.

3. The state bird of Montana is the Western meadowlark. The Western meadowlark was chosen as the state bird for Montana on March 14, 1931. The Western meadowlarks have a bright beautiful yellow color on its neck, underneath, and chest area. It also has a black v shape on its chest area. They have a mixture of black, brown, and a creamy grey coloring on their backs, tails, and wings.

4. The Montana official state flower is the Bitterroot flower. The Bitterroot is a perennial herb. The Bitterroot starts to flower in the months of May and June. The flowers don’t last long though. The Bitterroot is a very pretty flower. The Montana Bitterroot became Montana’s official state flower on February 27, 1895.

5. Montana’s state flag was officially adopted in 1905. Montana’s state flag has a blue background with the Montana’s state seal on it and the word Montana written in yellow coloring above the seal.

6. Some crops that are grown in Montana are: apples, barley, cherries, lentils, peas, and wheat.

7. Some cool places to visit while in Montana are: the Yellow Stone National Park, the Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park located in Jefferson County, MT., and the Glacier National Park.

8. Some animals that live in Montana are: antelope, bison, black bears, coyotes, elk, grizzly bears, and wolves.

9. Montana can get very hot and very cold depending on the time of year. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Montana was 117 degrees Fahrenheit in Medicine Lake, Montana on July 5, 1937. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Montana was -70 degrees (70 degrees below zero) Fahrenheit in Rogers Pass, Montana on January 20, 1954.



Share a cool fact about Montana with us?


Facts about Montana


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 Montana worksheet

Facts about Montana worksheet

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Books about Montana:

1. Montana for Kids: The Story of Our State by Allen Morris Jones

2. Good Night Montana by Adam Gamble

3. Montana: Discover Pictures and Facts About Montana For Kids! by Bold Kids

4. Wise Animal Handbook Montana by Kate B. Jerome

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.



Tune in next week to learn some really cool facts about Nebraska! Thank you for reading my post!! “Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”-Dalai Lama



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  1. I love reading your blogs about the states. They’re so informative. I learn quite a lot. Your Joey books are amazing. I have them all. The Rainbow Reindeer is so cherry and colorful. It is a wonderful story and all the illustrations are amazing.Thank you for publishing them.

    1. Awe thank you so very much and you are welcome! I'm glad you like my books and blog posts. After the states are finished I will be posting facts about each of the Presidents of the United States. I hope you continue reading my post. Enjoy!


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