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Facts about Aardwolves

Aardwolves Facts

Who has heard of the Aardwolf? The Aardwolf is a warm-blooded mammal and a species of hyena. There are four species of hyena: the Aardwolf, the Brown hyena, the spotted hyena, and the striped hyena. The Aardwolf is native to some parts of Africa. It looks like a very skinny hyena. It has striped fur, a long mane, pointy ears, and a big bushy tail.


What is your favorite type of hyena?


With your parent/caretaker’s permission, you can click on the link below to see some pictures of the Aardwolf: CLICK HERE


Facts about the Aardwolf:

1. The scientific name for the Aardwolf is Proteles cristata.

2. The Aardwolf live in Eastern and Southern Africa. They roam the open plains and bushlands.

3. The Aardwolf is an insectivore. It eats mostly termites, but it does eat other insects when hungry. It can eat a lot of termites in one night.

4. The Aardwolf is nocturnal, which means it is awake mainly during the night. It does most of its hunting for food during the night.

5. The Aardwolf name means Earth Wolf.

6. A male Aardwolf is called a brute or dog. A female Aardwolf is called a fae. A baby Aardwolf is called a pup or cub. A group of Aardwolf is referred to as a pack.

7. The Aardwolf can grow to about 31 inches long, not including its tail. The Aardwolf’s tail is about 11 inches long. Depending on the Aardwolf, it can weigh up to 30 pounds, sometimes more or less.



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Facts about Aardwolf



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 Aardwolf worksheet

Facts about Aardwolf worksheet

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Books about Hyenas/Aardwolves:

1. Ever Heard of an Aardwolf? by Madeline Moser

2. I Don’t Want to Be a Hyena by Avril Van Der Merwe

3. Hyenas: The Laughing Predators by M. Martin

4. The Hyena Scientist by Sy Montgomery

Parents/caretakers, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



Short story alert:

Once upon a time, there was an aardwolf named Wonder. Wonder had a son named Curiosity, who had a cute, big, bushy tail. Curiosity wanted his father to teach him how to hunt for termites to eat. When darkness fell, Wonder took his son to the open prairies in the bushlands to begin their hunt. Wonder showed his son how and where to find termites by licking the sandy areas. If they couldn’t locate termites, they would eat other insects. On their first hunt, Wonder and Curiosity found a lot of termites, and their bellies were soon full. Tired, Curiosity was ready to return to their burrow to rest up for their next hunt. Wonder led them back to their burrow, happy and proud to have taught his son how to hunt for food. Once back in their burrow, they fell asleep quickly. THE END!


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