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Facts about Washington

Washington Facts

Whether you're a resident of Washington or just curious about this beautiful state, here's a chance to learn some interesting facts about Washington for kids.

Have you ever taken a vacation to Washington? Maybe you already reside there. Whichever it may be, you can learn some quick facts about Washington right here; just continue reading on. I like learning cool facts about each of the different states in the United States. I would absolutely like to share some of those cool facts with you! Every Thursday, I will post cool facts about each of the fifty states in the United States. The states will be done alphabetically (ABC) order! Last week, we posted facts about Virginia. This week, we are posting cool facts about Washington state. You will learn about Washington's state flag, bird, and other facts. The countdown is on, and there are just three (3) more states to blog about! There are only three more weeks to go… Yay!!!

Did you know Washington was the forty-second (42nd) state to join the union? Yep, that is right! Washington officially joined the union on November 11, 1889. Washington is located in the Northwest region of the United States. Washington shares a border with two (2) states: Idaho and Oregon. Washington also shares borders with Canada and the Pacific Ocean. Washington is the eighteenth (18th) largest state in the United States. That means Washington is one of the largest states in the United States of America. There are about 7,785,780 people who live in the state of Washington.

Did you know that the population of the United States is estimated to be about 334,362,081 people? (At the time of this writing)


Washington famous person alert:

Did you know Anne Charlotte McClain was born in Spokane, Washington? Anne Charlotte McClain is an Astronaut and a lieutenant colonel in the Army. To learn more about Anne Charlotte McClain, CLICK HERE

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Facts about Washington:

1. Did you know that Washington is known for its beautiful landscapes, the birthplace of Starbucks coffee, and a hub of Native American Heritage? It's no wonder that Washington has earned a few nicknames: the Evergreen State and the Green Tree State. The state motto, “Alki” or “Al-ki,” is a Native American word that means “Bye and Bye.” And let's not forget the unique abbreviation for Washington: WA. These are just a few of the many fascinating aspects of this state that we'll be exploring.

2. Washington's capital is Olympia, which officially became the capital on November 28, 1853. Richmond has an estimated population of about 55,920 people.

3. The Washington state bird is the American Goldfinch. The American Goldfinch was chosen as the state bird for Washington in 1951. The male American Goldfinches are a bright, beautiful yellow bird. They have black on their forehead and wings. They have some white on their tails and wings. You can look at pictures of and read more about the American Goldfinch here: Click here

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4. Washington’s official state flower is the Pacific rhododendron. The Pacific rhododendron is a perennial evergreen shrub/bush that grows in various places throughout Washington. The Pacific rhododendron is a beautiful pink flower that blooms on the evergreen shrub/bush!! The flowers start blooming in April and May. It became the official state flower in 1959.

5. Washington's current state flag was officially adopted on March 5, 1923. It has a green background, and the state seal appears in the center.

6. Apples, asparagus, blueberries, lentils, peas, hay, potatoes, and wheat are among the crops grown in Washington.

7. Some cool places to visit in Washington are Mount Rainier National Park, North Cascades National Park, and the beautiful Jade Lake.

8. Some animals that live in Washington are bears, coyotes, elk, mountain goats, raccoons, and snowshoe hares.

9. Washington can get very hot or cold depending on the time of year. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Washington was 120 degrees Fahrenheit in Hanford, Washington, on June 29, 2021. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Washington was -48 degrees (negative 48 degrees below zero) Fahrenheit in Mazama, Washington, on December 30, 1968.



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Books about Washington:

1. Let's Count Washington by David W. Miles

2. Larry Loves Seattle! by John Skewes

3. Washington The Evergreen State by Kristin Schuetz

4. Know Your State Activity Book Washington by Megan Hansen Moench

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Tune in next week to learn some cool facts about West Virginia! I appreciate you taking the time to learn some cool facts by reading my blog post!! If you find a mistake, please let me know. 

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