Thursday, November 25

Facts about the moon

Moon Facts

We are on the letter Mm of the gratitude alphabet! M is for Moon.


I am thankful for the Moon! Did you know that the moon is why we have tides (waves) in the ocean? Yes, it is called the Tidal Force. The high and low tides are created with Earth’s gravity, the sun, and the gravitational pull from the moon.

Facts about the Moon:

1. Earth’s gravitational pull holds the moon in place.

2. If you look at the moon, you can see its surface has light and dark spots. The dark areas are young plains called Maria, Latin for seas. Those dark areas are seas of solidified (dried) lava. The light regions are mountains called Highlands.

3. The Moon is Earth’s one and only natural satellite. A natural satellite is when a more petite body (the moon) orbits around a larger body (the Earth). It takes about one month for the moon to orbit around Earth. While the moon orbits the Earth, the Earth is orbiting the sun. The moon is a satellite object, not a planet.

4. There is water (ice) on the moon, and that water (ice) is called Lunar Water!

5. The moon has moonquakes, just like the earth has earthquakes, but the moonquakes aren’t as strong as earthquakes. A moonquake can last up to 2 minutes, sometimes longer.

6. One day on the moon is about 29 Earth days.

7. The moon does not have seasons like Earth does.

8. Lunar dust, also called moon dust, is soil on the moon’s surface.

Can you share a fact about the moon with us?


Books about the moon:

1. I Am the Moon: by Rebecca McDonald

2. Moon! Earth's Best Friend by Stacy McAnulty

3. So That's How the Moon Changes Shape! by Allan Fowler

4. What is the Moon? by Katie Daynes

Parents make sure books are child-friendly before reading them to their/children.

Get your moon coloring worksheet by clicking here:

M is for Moon


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