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Facts about the Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap Facts

It is good to learn something new every day!! Have you ever heard about the Venus Flytrap? The Venus Flytrap is a carnivorous plant! Carnivorous means that it eats meat! The Venus Flytrap plant can eat tiny frogs and insects. The Venus Flytrap can snap its trap closed in seconds, making it easy for it to catch insects to eat! Venus Flytraps are harmless to humans and safe to grow in your home. They will eat spiders and flies that get in your home.


What is your favorite type of plant?


Facts about the Venus Flytrap:

1. Venus Flytraps can grow between 5 and 12 inches tall and about 5 to 9 inches in diameter. They are native to and grow only naturally in North and South Carolina's coastal bogs and swampy areas. Venus Flytrap plants have been successfully transplanted and grown in different places around the world.

2. The Venus Flytrap has leaves that can close shut like a clam shell does. Along the edges of the hinged leaves are a bunch of spiny, long, thin teeth.

3. The Venus Flytrap plants can grow beautiful white flowers in spring and summer.

4. There is only one species of the Venus Flytrap!

5. Venus Flytrap plants can change color if they are not getting enough sunlight or nutrients. If the plant is healthy, it will have a very bright green coloring of its leaves and a reddish coloring inside the traps.

6. The Venus Flytrap is listed as vulnerable on the endangered species list because of over-collection and habitat destruction.


Can you share a fact about Venus Flytrap plants with us?


Books about Venus Flytraps:

1. Hungry Plants by Mary Batten

2. Venus Flytrap - A Science Guide for Kids by Kathleen Honda

3. Carnivorous Plants by Dan Torre

4. Inspector Flytrap by Tom Angleberger

Parents/caretakers ensure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.




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