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Facts about Colorado

Colorado Facts

Learn facts about Colorado for kids.


Let me tell you some facts about all the different states in the United States. I want to share the facts with you! I will be posting facts about each of the fifty states in the United States. The states will be done in alphabetical order! Last week, we posted facts about California. This week, we are posting facts about Colorado. You will learn about Colorado's state flag, bird, and other facts.

Did you know that Colorado was the 38th state to join the union? Yes, that is right. Colorado officially joined the union on August 1, 1876! Colorado is located in the Mountain States in the Western region of the United States. Colorado is bordered by seven (7) other states: Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona (only borders by a corner of the state), and Utah. Colorado is the eighth (8th) largest state in the United States. About 5,812,000 people are living in Colorado.


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Facts about Colorado:

1. Colorado is known for its beautiful landscape, mountains, rivers, and plains. Its nickname is The Centennial State or Colorful Colorado. The state motto is Nil sine numine, which means Nothing without Providence or Deity. The abbreviation for Colorado is CO.

2. Denver is the capital of Colorado. It officially became the capital in December 1867 and has a population of around 705,576 people.

3. The Colorado state bird is the Lark Bunting. The Colorado Lark Bunting is an American Sparrow. Lark Buntings like to sing (chirp). They can range in color from black and white to grayish brown.

4. The Colorado blue columbine is the state flower. It grows wild in meadows and fields across the Rocky Mountains and many other places in Colorado. The Colorado blue columbine comes in different colors, like white and lavender or white with blue. They are very beautiful flowers!! The Colorado blue columbine became the state flower in April 1899.

5. The Colorado state flag became official on June 5, 1911. The Colorado state flag has had a few redesigns over the years. The Colorado state flag features two blue stripes, one white stripe, and a red-letter C with a ball of gold in the center of the C. The red letter C stands for Colorado. The red color stands for the soil of Colorado. The ball of gold stands for Colorado’s beautiful sunshine. The white stripes stand for the snow-topped mountains and peaks. The blue stripes represent Colorado’s blue skies.

6. Barley, cantaloupe, corn, lettuce, millet, potatoes, and wheat are some of the crops grown in Colorado.

7. Some places to visit in Colorado are Rocky Mountain National Park, Aspen, Great Sands Dune National Park, and Pikes Peak.

8. Some animals that live in Colorado are the Colorado Bison, Bighorn sheep, elk, mountain lion, mountain goats, and black bears.

9. Colorado can get very hot and cold depending on the time of year. The hottest temperature recorded in Colorado was 115 degrees Fahrenheit in John Martin Dam, Colorado, on July 20, 2019. The coldest temperature recorded in Colorado was -61 degrees Fahrenheit (61 degrees below zero) in Maybell, Colorado, on February 1, 1985.


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Books about Colorado:

1. C is for Colorado: by Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

2. Welcome to Colorado by Asa Gilland

3. A Kid's Look at Colorado by Phyllis J. Perry

4. Dreaming of Colorado by Grant Collier

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