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Facts about Michigan

Michigan Facts

Learn facts about Michigan for kids.

Have you ever taken a vacation to Michigan before? Maybe you live there? Whichever it may be, you can discover some cool facts about Michigan here! Joey and Jinger love to learn cool facts about all of the different states. They would like me to share some of those cool facts with you! Every Thursday I will be posting cool facts about each of the fifty states in the United States. The states will be done in alphabetical order! Last week we posted facts about Massachusetts. This week we are posting cool facts about Michigan. You will learn facts about Michigan's state flag, bird, and many other state facts. Only 28 more states to go! 

Did you know that Michigan was the twenty-sixth (26th) state to join the union? Yes, that is correct! Michigan officially joined the union on January 26, 1837! Michigan is located in the upper Midwestern region of the United States. Michigan is bordered by three (3) states: Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. Parts of Michigan’s borders touch four of the great lakes: Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron. Michigan is the eleventh (11th) largest state in the United States. Michigan is one of the bigger states. There are about 10,050,811 people that live in Michigan.


Michigan famous person alert:

Did you know that Elijah J. McCoy lived in Detroit, Michigan? Elijah J. McCoy is a famous inventor of train lubrication systems. Elijah J. McCoy was an engineer and a very brilliant man that transformed the railroad system.


Tell us about a famous person that resides in your state?


Facts about Michigan:

1. A few things Michigan is known for are: The stunning great lakes, the automobile industry, and fishing. A few of the nicknames for the state of Michigan are: the Great Lake State, the Wolverine State, and the Water Winter Wonderland State. The Michigan state motto is Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam circumspice. The motto is a Latin phrase that means If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you. The Michigan state motto was adopted on June 2, 1835. The abbreviation for Michigan is MI.

2. The capital of Michigan is Lansing. Lansing officially became the capital of Michigan sometime in 1847. Lansing has an estimated population of about 117,488 people.

3. The state bird of Michigan is the American Robin. The American Robin was chosen as the state bird for Michigan on April 8, 1931. The American Robin likes to sing (chirp). The American Robin has a reddish-orange colored chest area. The rest of the bird is a dark grayish brown in color with a dark brown-grayish capped head. It is a very beautiful bird.

4. The Michigan official state flower is the Apple blossom. Apple blossoms bloom on apple trees. The Apple blossoms are white and pink in coloring. The flowers are beautiful! The Apple blossom became Michigan’s official state flower sometime in 1897. The Apple blossoms bloom from April to June.

5. Michigan’s current state flag was officially adopted in 1911. Michigan’s state flag has a dark blue background and features Michigan’s coat of arms on it.

6. Some crops that are grown in Michigan are: apples, corn, cranberries, hay, potatoes, and wheat.

7. Some cool places to visit while in Michigan are: Mackinac Island, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and the John Ball Zoo located in Grand Rapids, MI.

8. Some animals that live in Michigan are: black bears, bobcats, elk, long tailed weasels, river otter, and white-tailed deer.

9. Michigan can get very hot and very cold depending on the time of year. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Michigan was 112 degrees Fahrenheit in Stanwood, Michigan on July 13, 1936. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Michigan was -51 degrees (51 degrees below zero) Fahrenheit in Vanderbilt, Michigan on February 9, 1934.


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Books about Michigan:

1. The Legend of Michigan by Trinka Noble

2. What's Great about Michigan? by Anita Yasuda

3. Totally Michigan! by Peg Connery-Boyd

4. M Is For Mitten: A Michigan Alphabet by Annie Appleford

Parents/caretakers be sure books are child friendly before reading them to your child/children.


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Tune in next week to learn some really cool facts about Minnesota! Thank you for reading my post!! “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and twice as beautiful as you’ve ever imagined.”-Dr. Suess

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