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Facts about Chameleons


Have you ever seen a Chameleon before? Did you know that Chameleons are a type of lizard? They are a cool, hot-blooded reptile. Chameleons come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Chameleons are capable of changing their skin color. They don’t necessarily change their skin color to blend in, though. They change their skin color for many reasons, such as maintaining proper body temperature and communicating. Chameleons are colorful and unique! If you want to learn more cool facts about Chameleons, continue reading.


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Quick facts about Chameleons:

1. Chameleons are cold-blooded reptiles. There are more than 145 species of Chameleons. Here is a list of some of the different types:

  • Common chameleons
  • Cape dwarf chameleons
  • Chapman's pygmy
  • Graceful chameleon
  • Jeweled chameleon
  • Parson's chameleon
  • Panther chameleon
  • Veiled chameleon

2. Most chameleons are omnivores (insectivores). Chameleons eat insects like grasshoppers, crickets, worms, and other insects. Some chameleons eat plant vegetation.

3. The Parson's chameleon is the largest of the chameleons. Depending on the gender, they can grow to about 28 inches long and weigh as much as two pounds (2lbs).

4. The Brookesia nana is the smallest chameleon. German researchers discovered it in 2021. Depending on the gender, it can grow to about an inch long. Because it is very tiny, it can't weigh much. It could be the smallest reptile in the world.

5. The Chapman's pygmy is one of the rarest chameleons in the world. It is very tiny, but not as small as the Brookesia nana.

6. Chameleons are diurnal. Diurnal means they are primarily active during daytime hours.

7. Most chameleons are arboreal, which means they prefer to live in trees. Not all chameleons prefer to live in trees; some like to live on the forest or desert floor.

8. Chameleons live in the rain forest and places with high temperatures, like the desert. Most come from Africa and Asia. There are many species of chameleons in Madagascar.


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Facts about Chameleons



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Books about Chameleons:

1. Chameleons Are Cool by Martin Jenkins

2. Born To Stand Out by Nikki Rogers

3. National Geographic Readers Animals That Change Color by Libby Romero

4. A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni

Parents/caretakers, be sure books are child-friendly before reading them to your child/children.



Short story alert:

Once upon a time, in a hot forest in Madagascar, there lived a tiny Brookesia nana chameleon named Frankie and his friend Fancy, a Parson’s chameleon. Frankie always thought he must be just as big and colorful as Fancy, while Fancy thought she must be as small and beautiful as Frankie. The forest had no mirrors, so they could not see what they looked like. Frankie thought he could do everything Fancy could, but it took him twice as long due to his size. Fancy believed she could do everything Frankie did, but her size prevented her from fitting into tiny crevices. Despite their differences, they grew together and loved one another without even realizing they were different. When they looked at each other, they never saw themselves, just each other. Imagine our world with no mirrors. THE END! By Mimi Jones


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