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Facts about Rhode Island


Who is ready to learn some cool facts?

Have you ever taken a vacation to Rhode Island before? Do you live there? Whichever it may be, you can learn some facts about Rhode Island here, just continue reading on. Joey and Jinger love learning quick facts about each of the different states in the United States. They would love me to share some of those facts with you! Every Thursday, I will be posting quick facts about each of the fifty states in the United States. The states will be done in alphabetical (ABC) order! Last week we posted facts about Pennsylvania. This week we are posting cool facts about Rhode Island. The countdown is on, only 11 more states to blog about! Just eleven more weeks to go… Yay!!

Did you know that Rhode Island was the thirteenth (13th) state to join the union? Yes, that is right! Rhode Island officially joined the union on May 29, 1790! Rhode Island is the last one of the original thirteen colonies. Rhode Island is located in the Northeastern region of the United States. It is a New England State. Rhode Island is bordered by two (2) states: Connecticut and Massachusetts. Rhode Island also shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean. Rhode Island is the fiftieth (50th) largest state in the United States. That means Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States of America. There are about 1,095,612 people that live in the state of Rhode Island.


Rhode Island famous person alert:

Did you know that George T. Downing lived in Providence, Rhode Island? George T. Downing was a civil rights activist and a successful restaurant owner. He owned restaurants in Rhode Island, Washington D.C., and New York. To learn more about George T. Downing: CLICK HERE

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Quick Facts about Rhode Island:

1. A few things Rhode Island is known for are: the beautiful beaches, Johnnycakes, and the first colony to declare its independence from British rule. A few of the nicknames for the state of Rhode Island are: the Ocean State, the Plantation State, and the Little Rhody State. The Rhode Island state motto is “Hope”. The Rhode Island state motto was adopted sometime in 1664. The abbreviation for Rhode Island is RI.

2. The capital of Rhode Island is Providence. Providence officially became the capital of Rhode Island in 1900. Providence has an estimated population of about 189,693 people.

3. The state bird for Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Red. The Rhode Island Red is a domestic chicken. The Rhode Island Red was chosen as the state bird for Rhode Island on May 3, 1954. You can look at pictures and read more about the Rhode Island Red here: CLICK HERE

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4. The Rhode Island official state flower is the Viola sororia also known as the Common blue violet. The Viola sororia is a flower that can be found growing throughout the state of Rhode Island. The Viola sororia starts blooming during the spring months. They are very beautiful flowers!! The Rhode Island Viola sororia became the official state flower on March 11, 1968.

5. Rhode Island’s current state flag was officially adopted on November 1, 1897. Rhode Island’s state flag has a white background and the state seal appears on it.

6. Some crops that are grown in Rhode Island are: apples, corn, grapes, hay, onions, and potatoes.

7. Some cool places to visit while in Rhode Island are: the Roger Williams Park Zoo, Block Island, and the Ocean Drive Historic District.

8. Some animals that live in Rhode Island are: beavers, coyotes, squirrels, rabbits, and white-tailed deer.

9. Rhode Island can get very hot and very cold depending on the time of year. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Rhode Island was 104 degrees Fahrenheit in Providence, Rhode Island on August 2, 1975. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Rhode Island was -28 degrees (28 degrees below zero) Fahrenheit in Richmond, Rhode Island on January 17, 1942.



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Facts about Rhode Island



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Books about Rhode Island:

1. Hello, Rhode Island! by Martha Zschock

2. What's Great about Rhode Island? by Rebecca Felix

3. The Rhode Island Colony by Dennis B. Fradin

4. R is for Rhode Island Red by Mark Allio

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Tune in next week to learn some cool facts about South Carolina! Thank you for reading my blog post!! "Learning never exhausts the mind." —Leonardo da Vinci



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